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Why Now is the Time to Become LGBTQ Inclusive (And How To Do It)

Corporate trends in diversity and inclusion show 2018 is the time to make your organization LGBTQ inclusive. Google, General Electric and Boston Consulting Group are among the 600+ companies that earned a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index in 2018, while data from Glassdoor shows one in three hiring decision makers anticipated increased investment in diversity and inclusion measures in 2018. "Companies are urgently interested in making sure that they understand and support our community," says Erin Uritus, CEO of LGBTQ workplace advocacy non-profit Out and Equal.

With our eBook Empowering LGBTQ Employees: How to Create an Inclusive Culture, employers can find actionable advice on improving their workplace policies and culture, with examples of how industry leaders have successfully implemented such initiatives. Get a sneak peek below of the guide along with tips from leading LGBTQ organizations.

Affirming LGBTQ Identities In (and Out) of the Office

Being LGBTQ inclusive means encouraging LGBTQ individuals both in and beyond your workplace Learn how to improve company culture with measures such as climate surveys, LGBTQ competency trainings, and employee resource groups (ERG). Also engage with the outer community through inclusive marketing campaigns and LGBTQ cultural events.

PRO TIP: Many successful ERGs have an executive champion, a leader in the organization who connects an ERG to upper management, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Having open and consistent dialogue with your LGBTQ resource group will improve employee engagement, company culture and provide valuable information on ways to further innovate in the workplace.

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Diversifying Benefits & Policies

Benefits packages and non-discrimination clauses are some of the most important considerations for job seekers, yet can unintentionally exclude LGBTQ families and transgender individuals. Learn how to update the language of your benefits & policies to encompass all employees.

PRO TIP: Gendered language can cause parental benefits to unintentionally exclude LGBTQ families. Make your benefits inclusive of all employees by being conscious of what words you use in your coverage and favoring gender-neutral terms.

Supporting Transgender Employees

As transgender visibility within the LGBTQ community has increased over the past few years, it has become clear that transgender people face a unique set of experiences and challenges. Learn what steps to take after an employee comes out as transgender to create a supportive and encouraging environment.

PRO TIP: HR is an important player in assisting transitioning employees. Gender and workplace inclusion organization the Argo Collective suggests training the HR team to be educated allies so they are prepared to adequately support transgender employees.

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