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The Best Company Review Ever — Here's Why

We’ve done it! We’ve found our needle in the haystack; of the 50 million company reviews posted on Glassdoor, we’ve identified one of the best company reviews ever. Read this employee review of the enterprise software company, Health Catalyst:

We believe in this review for a bunch of reasons. For one thing, it champions a value that is core to our mission: transparency. The feedback submitted by this employee demonstrates a professional culture that is poised for growth because it welcomes transparency. Transparent cultures invite a deep level of fit that encourages employees to be their true selves, deploy their full range of skills and express their real feelings about the work they do. Transparency has a wonderful way of alleviating workplace drama and ushering something more authentic and ambitious into culture. 

This review is also a case study, demonstrating the power that reviews can have. Glassdoor reviews are a mechanism for on-going cultural reflection, which only stand to make your corporate culture better. Why wait for exit interviews to learn what your team members really think? Your employees are your experts, your superusers, your cultural co-builders. They interact with your clients every day. Your employees work intricately with the tools of your trade, and they have informed ideas about how to streamline your business. 

Company reviews are your conduit to your most precious resource, your team. Use them as an ongoing means to power your brand to excellence. 

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The Anatomy of Our Favorite Review 

We love to see people happy in their work, and this professional culture is clearly doing things right. First off, the reviewer, a Senior Analytics Engineer, explains that they know that their comments will be well-received. The reviewer is confident that submitting this feedback is worth the effort and the risk.  

The reviewer writes: “The company itself is so transparent with all that goes on at the highest levels of the organization that I can tell you, the reader, that this review will be read, pondered, and acted upon by the leadership team and the entire company.” Knowing that your company hears you and will act on your feedback is powerful. It speaks to how leadership sees and values their employees. 

The reviewer feels confident outlining both the strengths and weaknesses they see at work. The write: “I know what some of you are thinking - oh my goodness, I couldn't do that - what if they find out who wrote it? I'm here to tell you, that's exactly the best part of the organization. It's not punitive. It's not a witch hunt. It's not trying to find out who's dissatisfied and quietly showing them the door. It's honest-to-goodness willingness to listen, learn, and grow.” 

Feeling that you can trust leadership, that they’ll hear your feedback and consider your ideas, seeds job satisfaction and fit, which can lead to greater employee retention. The Glassdoor report: Why do Workers Quit reveals that “better culture and values of the organization predicts lower employee turnover.”  It makes sense; why stay in any relationship where you don’t feel valued or heard?  

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The Anatomy of Our Favorite Response  

Management’s response to this review is positive and validating. Management doesn’t get defensive about the particular issue that Cherise targets. Instead, management explains: “I also find your comments resonant regarding our Pro Services goals sometimes being less-than-ideally aligned with some of our clients' objectives. Those are tricky situations to navigate, with rarely any easy answers in the near-term in particular. Towards the mid-to-longer term, we should be able to move towards ensuring strong mission alignment with each of our client partners.” Management validates the reviewer’s concerns and outlines a general timeline in which resolution may be possible.  

One of the most important things management does here is to embrace the suggestion to continue enhancing the employee experience. There is an equal understanding between employee and management that day-to-day operations may face issues and challenges, but if the team that navigates those is well-positioned to do so, then those challenges will always be manageable in a way that is authentic to this culture. 

Management explains: “I agree strongly with your perspective that our team members have made miracles happen, so many times, and that this extraordinary effort and performance, given voluntarily in support of a mission that is larger than any one of us, is beautiful and even sacred. There is a trust inherent in providing this extra effort, that is precious and could be easily lost. I sincerely desire to not ever cause that loss. I do feel that every day the CEO and each member of the leadership team should first be focused on the team member experience. We will strive to keep Health Catalyst this way over the long-term.” 

This expresses such a deep appreciation of the relationship between employer and employee. It suggests that if this is upheld, then almost anything is possible. This speaks volumes about leadership’s confidence in its employees and its investment in ensuring they continue to thrive at work. 

The Benefits of Transparency 

Transparency makes a lot possible. If you can see clearly, and you’re encouraged to report on your perspective, there’s no end to what you can build. Reviews are a mechanism to strengthen your company using insights from those best-positioned to report on glitches, concerns and obstacles. Welcome it. Encourage staff feedback, and use it to refine your corporate culture from within.  

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