What You Missed at Best Places to Work 2019 by Glassdoor

Here's What You Missed at Glassdoor's Best Places to Work Live Event

Over 900,000 companies have a presence on Glassdoor, but only an elite few are named Best Places to Work each year. The companies who do make the cut have mastered the art and science of creating an outstanding company culture that attracts and retains top talent.

But what exactly are their secrets? How do they manage to hire the best, keep them engaged and retain them for the long haul? That’s exactly what Glassdoor’s 2019 Best Places to Work - Live from New York event aimed to uncover. Through a series of presentations, panel discussions and fireside chats, winners of the Best Places to Work in 2019 shared their culture and recruiting secrets.

Didn’t make it? Don’t worry. Ahead, we’ll preview some of the top takeaways from the event — for more content, register to receive the full recordings here!

Navigating the Future of Work: How to Nurture Individuals to Fuel Explosive Growth

After some brief opening remarks, attendees of Best Places to Work Live were treated to a fireside chat featuring Glassdoor President & COO Christian Sutherland-Wong and Madan Nagaldinne, Chief People Officer at real estate tech company Compass. In their conversation, Sutherland-Wong and Nagaldinne discussed how to nurture employees so that they bring their A-game each and every day.

Nagaldinne shared that at Compass, employees are largely motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization. Early on, the company established eight entrepreneurial principles:

  • Dream big
  • Move fast
  • Learn from reality
  • Be solutions-driven
  • Obsess about opportunity
  • Collaborate without ego
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Bounce back with passion

These core values, Nagaldinne believes, are largely responsible for helping the company scale through hypergrowth. Not only do they provide a framework for employees to operate in — they keep them inspired, engaged and motivated.

In tandem with these entrepreneurial principles, Compass puts a special emphasis on telling the company’s story and evangelizing their mission of helping everyone find their place in the world. Nagaldinne identified this as a core tenet of their talent acquisition strategy — in fact, when coaching recruiters, Nagaldinne asks them to pitch him on Compass to ensure that everyone is aligned.

One other tip Nagaldinne shared: Having a Glassdoor strategy is critical. At Compass, they have a weekly standing meeting with the communications team to go over the latest Glassdoor reviews and respond to them. In addition, they make sure to thoroughly fill out each section of the Enhanced Profile in order to demonstrate why candidates should want to work at Compass.

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Developing Women in Leadership to Recruit and Retain

Let's face it: There’s a serious representation gap between women and men at the leadership level. Fortunately, those in the talent acquisition and human resource spaces have the unique power to change that. That was the focus of a panel discussion led by Glassdoor Editorial Director Amy Elisa Jackson and featuring Molly Q. Ford, Senior Director of Global Equality Programs at Salesforce; Mark Lipscomb, Vice President of People at 23andMe; and Angela Crossman, Head of Talent Analytics and New York Consulting Operations at Bain & Company.

Here were some of their top pieces of advice for providing opportunities to and empowering women in the workplace:

  • Create a Culture of Listening: Bain held an experiential training program to help employees initiate conversations around topics like how to ask for help, how to bring your full self to work and how to speak up. Simultaneously, leadership received training on how to actively listen, encourage honest discussion and ultimately, provide employees with what they need.
  • Support Those Who Go on Leave: Too often, women who go on maternity leave are indirectly punished with a period of career stagnation that many call “the mommy track”. At 23andme, however, things couldn’t be more different — in fact, their CEO is a mother. The company supports parents by offering sixteen weeks of paid parental leave, backup childcare options and a culture of understanding and flexibility when it comes to family. And critically, women on maternity leave are still rewarded and recognized during performance review cycles.
  • Enlist Allies: It’s great when women feel empowered to speak up for themselves, but that alone is not enough — it’s also the responsibility of men to show up for women. At Salesforce, allyship is made actionable — men are encouraged to ask women about their journeys, listen to them with empathy and respect, show up for women and speak up when they see inequality in action.

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The Struggle Is Real: How to Crush Hiring Hurdles in Today’s Tough Economic Landscape

In this informative session, Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain shed light on the realities of today’s tough labor market and how employers can overcome it. In the post-recession economic recovery period, it really has become more difficult to find and attract top talent — in fact, Glassdoor research found that open roles are taking 82 percent longer to fill than in 2010. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to change anytime soon, given the slow growth in America’s workforce.

So, what’s the solution? Investing in your culture is a good place to start. While culture can be somewhat of a nebulous concept, improving it doesn’t have to be. Four key steps to building your culture include motivating employees with an inspiring mission, identifying shared values, putting the people first at your organization and practicing transparency and open communication.

And what better platform to practice transparency and communication than Glassdoor? Responding to reviews, even negative ones, improves jobseeker’s perception of your company. Hopefully, as you acknowledge that feedback and work on an action plan to fix it, you’ll see more and more positive reviews coming in — which is a sure-fire way to attract interest from job seekers.

The best part? An improved culture doesn’t just drive interest in your organization — it can actually drive revenue. Multiple studies have linked higher Glassdoor reviews to higher financial performance. So the next time you’re asked to make a business case for investing in company culture, you’ll have the research to back it up!

How to Use Technology and Innovation to Get the Upper Hand in Recruiting

While it is becoming more difficult to attract and hire top talent, the good news is that technology, in the hands of a stellar recruiter, can lead to outsized gains. To find out what tools and techniques top organizations are using, Scott Dobroski, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Glassdoor, chatted with three industry experts: John Leech, Director of Talent Acquisition at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Greg Muccio, Director of Talent Acquisition at Southwest Airlines; and Julie Coucoules, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor.

Here are three innovative strategies they suggested:

  • Embrace Video Interviewing: When you spend at least 30 minutes per phone screen, you barely have enough time to manage the rest of your tasks. Enter: video interviewing. The talent acquisition team at Glassdoor has begun pre-recording themselves asking questions which they share with candidates, who in turn record and share their responses. The end result is a faster, easier process for both parties.
  • Text Your Talent: With email inboxes now dominated by spam, texting is a unique way to cut through the clutter and ensure that candidates can communicate how and when they prefer to. That’s why St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has wholeheartedly embraced a solution called Text Recruit. Once recruiters download the app to their phones, they can use it to schedule interviews, touch base and provide updates.
  • Leverage Your Employee Base: It’s no secret that referral programs are one of the most effective talent acquisition mediums out there. To amplify the power of their employee base, Southwest Airlines has implemented a tool called Work4 that plugs into employees’ Facebook pages and allows them to share relevant open jobs in their area — so far, the tool has led to 140+ front-line hires.

The Bottom Line

The information above is only a brief overview of all of the great learnings that were shared at Best Places to Work live — to experience the sessions in their entirety, register now for on-demand access to video recordings. And of course, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next event so you can join us in person!