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A blue-ribbon recipe for employer branding

Whether your company falls in the Michelin star or mom-and-pop category, the recipe for happy employees is the same. Workers and job seekers are more vocal than ever, so winning over talent in this tough market starts with listening.

Our employer branding report shows employees are not enjoying what they've been served and that they'll leave if things don't improve - especially women and people of color. 

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Your current employees help tell your employer brand story, so their satisfaction is key to attracting new talent. We've got the ingredients to help you create a company culture that benefits your employer brand. By following these steps, you can win the blue ribbon.

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Offer more than a dash of honesty

If your employees' experience with your brand doesn't match up to what you promise, you're at risk of losing talent - current and future. Today's employees and job seekers value transparency and authenticity. They research, read reviews, and participate in online conversations about what's working and what's not at your company.

Continually assess whether your brand promise and the employee experience are a match. Read and respond to online reviews. Monitor social media mentions. Check-in to see if employees feel safe, heard, and satisfied and if your values match what today's job seekers want. 

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Don't glaze over communication

Our research found that leading employer brands that are committed to creating a healthy and positive employee experience share some similarities. Those are built on a foundation of truth, transparency, and authenticity.

A generous amount of feedback

Leading employer brands aren't passive. They solicit feedback and - perhaps more importantly - consistently take action on it. These actions can include creating opportunities for anonymous dialogue, creating safety around in-person conversations with employees, and implementing new programs and policies that address their concerns in a timely fashion.

A pound of transparency

Have you ever started a job only to realize that it's not the job (or company) you thought you were signing up for? Misleading candidates will only backfire on you. Honest recruiting means being upfront with employees about potential challenges in a position, while also showing them how they will be supported when challenges occur.  

"On day one, you have the opportunity to gain an employee's trust…if you've lost that employee's trust, you're facing an uphill battle."

- Kelby Tansey, manager of recruitment marketing, Southwest Airlines (#30 on Glassdoor's "Best Places to Work" list)

Serve up spoonfuls of superior leadership

Some of the best brand ambassadors of your company are its leaders. Leaders who are trusted by employees to represent company culture and reflect its values. Externally, company leadership can help show prospective candidates what the employee experience is like. Get management involved in responding to feedback and show employees that leaders are invested in their fulfillment. 
Focusing on your brand can't wait. Our research shows that 58% of the most satisfied employees are open to or actively seeking a new opportunity. Download Glassdoor's state of employer branding report to fill your pantry with insights, strategies, and tactics that can lead to happier, more loyal employees and a brand that makes them proud.