Why Your Career Site Isn’t Working|Why Your Career Site Isn’t Working

Why Your Career Site Isn't Working

You know the phrase, “It’s not you. It’s me?” Well it may be time to keep this in mind if you find your employer brand has low awareness or you’re not getting the candidate pipeline you hoped. I know, not exactly what you wanted to hear.

The good news is that 89% of job seekers say they find the employer perspective important when researching jobs and companies, according to a new survey out from Glassdoor today. The bad news is that your careers site likely doesn’t have all the information they need. So the bottom line is that job seekers want to hear from hiring managers and recruiters, but they want to gain useful information that will help them determine if your company is the right fit.

Careers Sites Don’t Offer Full Details on Culture, Compensation, Benefits & More

As part of our survey, we asked job seekers to indicate the top five most important pieces of information they want to hear from employers. Three in four (76%) said they want details on what makes the company an attractive place to work, 70% said they want details on compensation, 62% said they want details on benefits packages, 60% want to hear the company’s mission, vision and values, and 55% said they want basic company information (i.e. number of employees, revenue, office locations and competitors.)

Ok, now is the time to go pull up your career site and your Glassdoor profile as well. View them side by side. How do they compare? Notice Glassdoor has all the information on your company job seekers indicated they want and more? Job seekers can see direct from you, the employer, a ‘Why Work for Us’ section, read up on which benefits you offer and get key company information. Plus they can see company reviews, salary reports and benefits reviews direct from employees.

Tip: Make it easier to give job seekers what they need by including a link to your Glassdoor profile direct from your careers site. Also claim your free employer account and get an enhanced employer profile so you can get your story out to target candidates.

When updating your brand, think about the information that will work best with your key recruiting audiences and your diversity needs. For example, if you’re looking to recruit more women to your company you may want to emphasize benefits. Glassdoor research shows that more women (76%) than men (66%) want information about benefits. Whereas the top two pieces of information military veterans want to hear about from employers are details on compensation (70%) and an overview of the company’s mission, vision and values (70%).

Careers Sites Are One-Way Communication

While it’s great to get information you need, that same information can really come to life when you feel a sense of engagement. On Glassdoor, a CEO or other company representative can publicly respond to reviews. To understand how meaningful the engagement is to job seekers we asked them. A whopping 69% said that their perception of a company improves when they see an executive or other company representative respond to reviews. What’s the two-way communication like on your careers site?

Tip: To respond to your company reviews on Glassdoor, register for a free employer account. Then simply click the button that says ‘Add Employer Response.’ Also by accessing your employer center, you can respond to reviews within this dashboard and track how your brand awareness is faring over time.

Careers Sites Are Static

When was the last time you updated your career site with more than job listings? We get it. It’s not always easy to make changes on the fly to your company careers site, but guess what? It is easy to update your profile on Glassdoor. We know – you’re shocked this is where we were headed. But there is a reason it matters. The survey shows that 94% of job seekers agree they are likely to apply to a job if an employer actively manages its brand (e.g., sharing details of culture, updating employer profiles and publicly responding to company reviews). Less than 2% said it would not impact their decision to apply and the remaining 4% were unsure.

Tip: With a free employer account, you will receive regular emails with updates about how your profile is performing on Glassdoor and any new reviews or salary reports your company receives. Use these emails as a reminder to check in on your profile and provide any new updates. Updates can be as simple as a new office photo from a recent company event or can be a response to a new company review.

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