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Checklist for increasing your chances of making the Best Places to Work list

Unlike other workplace awards, companies that make the Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list are determined based on feedback provided by those who know a company best - the employees. There is no self-nomination process and no costs involved to win a Glassdoor award. But there are ways that you can increase your chances of making the Best Places to Work List. This checklist includes what strategic changes you can make, what traits Best Place to Work winners have in common so you can emulate them, and the business benefits of making the list so you have something to strive for.

What You Can Do to Become a Best Place to Work

  • Increase review numbers. Quantity of reviews is the first eligibility factor, so be sure to encourage reviews with Request Reviews at 90 days, six months, or year anniversaries.
  • Monitor and respond to feedback. Set up alerts so that you see reviews coming in and create a plan for how you'd like to respond, both internally and on Glassdoor.
  • Identify trends in reviews. Leverage Glassdoor's Review Intelligence™- a powerful analysis tool that lets you unlock insights from employee reviews and understand the "why" behind ratings, surfacing valuable patterns in feedback to inform your employer brand strategy.
  • Recruit informed candidates. Candidates aligned with your company's mission and values are more likely to be satisfied employees who share their enthusiasm on Glassdoor.
  • Learn from past winners. Read on to find out the key attributes all Best Places to Work winners have in common.

What Best Places to Work Winners Have in Common

  • A mission to believe in. Employees have a sense of purpose and understanding of how they make an impact, which inspires quality work.
  • Strong culture. Engaged leaders view positive culture as part of a good business strategy, and their clearly defined and shared values foster community.
  • People-focused. Emphasis on employee development means employees are empowered to do their best work, which boosts productivity and engagement.
  • Transparency. Honest feedback is valued and encouraged, with open and clear communication from the top down.

The Business Benefits of Being a Best Place to Work

  • Increased traffic. Your company profile will receive millions of visits to Glassdoor in the days and weeks following the BPTW launch.
  • Greater visibility. Your open jobs will get heightened interest, which widens your candidate pool and allows you to choose the highest-performing, best-fit candidates.
  • Positive PR. With thousands of online and broadcast news stories throughout the year, your company will ride the wave of Best Places to Work news coverage.
  • Word-of-mouth reputation. With thousands of messages about Best Places to Work across social channels throughout the year, your company garners powerful organic publicity.
  • Improved recruiting. Take advantage of a brand new powerful opportunity to conduct targeted recruitment marketing.

The best employer brands are built organically and authentically by people, not artificially through formal process or top-down by executives. That's why it's so important to build your employer brand organically - by treating your people well, ensuring a widespread feeling of belonging, and listening to and learning from real feedback in Glassdoor reviews. It's only then that the genuine story about your workplace - told by the people who know it best - will serve to draw more great people, diverse perspectives and innovation to your company.