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Cigna’s Approach to Employee Engagement


Cigna is one of the world’s largest health service companies and insurance providers. The company has 35,000 dedicated employees worldwide yet only a few reviews existed on its Glassdoor profile. Because of these reviews were older, many from past employees, job seekers were missing out on a full picture of the work environment and Cigna was losing qualified candidates.

Cigna faced the problem head-on by executing an internal engagement strategy. The executive team emailed employees and encouraged them to share their honest experiences of working there by writing a review on Glassdoor.

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The employees got to work and left 1,500+ company & interview reviews, CEO approval ratings, office photos and more. Cigna’s Glassdoor profile has fresh content and the information is now more accurate and up to date, which helps candidates understand if this is a place where they would fit in.

Cigna encouraged its employees via email but there are many different ways to get more reviews on your profile. encourage candidates to review your company as part of your hiring and interview process. Don’t think an email to current employees will be enough? Try including it in your internal employee newsletter or even post flyers up around the office! Encouraging current employees to leave honest company feedback will not only give job seekers varied perspective, but make you seem more credible in the eyes of candidates.

To see the great results that Cigna achieved, check out the Cigna case study.

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