Company Trends Spotlight: Mount Sinai Health Systems

Each month, an average of 29 million people visit Glassdoor*. Have you ever wondered what they’re looking for? Or what companies they’re looking up? If you knew the answer, what would you do with that information?

Here at Glassdoor, we think about that all the time, which is why we built Glassdoor Trends. This month, we’re taking a deeper look at one of November’s most popular companies, Mount Sinai Health System, to provide some insights into why it might be second on Company Trends on our U.S. list.


Number two on the United States trends by location in November was Mount Sinai Health Systems, a health provider dedicated to providing compassionate patient care through unrivaled education, research and outreach. With a 2.7 Glassdoor rating and a 61% approval rating, Mount Sinai Health Systems is an engaged Glassdoor employer that has 1,200 jobs listed on its Glassdoor profile.

Why is Mount Sinai Health Systems trending?

While companies can trend on Glassdoor for many reasons, a quick Google search on Mount Sinai Health Systems uncovers a few key initiatives that may explain its trending status. First, this November, Mount Sinai Health Systems dropped the Roosevelt name that it has had for the past 146 years. What used to be Mount Sinai Roosevelt in New York City will now just be Mount Sinai West.

Additionally, it is expanding — Mount Sinai Health Systems recently announced a new Head and Neck Institute in Brooklyn. It is also revolutionizing the health industry as a whole, and developed a diabetes program using “smart data” to manage the disease better.

It’s also obvious Mount Sinai Health Systems is hiring, judging from the 1,200 open jobs listed on its Glassdoor profile.

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Why does a company trend on Glassdoor?

Companies can trend on Glassdoor for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Workplace/employment news
  • Product/service news
  • Business News
  • Awards
  • Events

Note this is not an exhaustive list of reasons, but gives an idea as to some of the possible reasons that an employer may trend on Glassdoor. The best way to consider why a company may trend is to think about what catches a job seeker’s attention that in turn could causes them to research the company and/or its open jobs on Glassdoor.

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*Google Analytics, Q3’15