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The Complete Guide to Ensuring Irresistible Benefits

Arcade games. Dogs in the office. Gourmet catered meals. It wasn’t so long ago that these benefits were practically unheard of, implemented by only the most highly-funded, trendy tech companies. Fast forward to today, though, and perks like these are springing up at companies left and right across all industries and locations.

In some ways, it’s no wonder — with an unemployment rate that’s seemingly dropping by the day and a surge in highly-specialized technical job openings, the competition for talent is fiercer than ever.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily need flashy (or expensive!) benefits like the examples above in order to attract top talent to your company. But what you do need to do is understand which benefits are most important to the candidates considering your company, and make sure that your offering is competitive.

So which perks should you choose, and how can you effectively market them to candidates?

To help employers navigate these questions, we’ve come up with a Competitive Benefits Kit, along with a benefits checklist and battle card, to help you explore, evaluate and evangelize your benefit offerings.

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Here are a few quick tips:

  • Conduct an Audit: Glassdoor has nearly 38 million reviews and insights for more than 740,000 companies,* including benefits reviews. Look at the benefits reviews on your profile to see which ones employees love, which need improvement and which they wish your company offered.
  • See How Your Benefits Stack Up: Look at your company’s Glassdoor benefits summary, then compare it to competitors. You can easily compare them side-to-side with our downloadable Competitive Benefits Battle Card.
  • Consider Investing in Benefits Over Salary: Glassdoor data shows that the overwhelming majority of employees — 80 percent — would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. So if you want to attract top talent, your money may be better spent enhancing your benefits than increasing base pay.
  • Create a Total Rewards Statement: Many benefits are just as good — or even better — than money in the bank. Showing employees the monetary value of their benefits as part of their total compensation can be a powerful way to illustrate that, and may help you stand out even among competitors that can offer a higher starting salary.

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Want to learn more about how to create an irresistible benefits package? Find the full Competitive Benefits Kit here!

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Competitive Benefits Kit

A step-by-step guide for comparing your company’s benefits to the competition.