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Content is King, Distribution is Queen: Content Marketing for Recruitment

There’s a lot of buzz about content in the recruitment industry. But content isn’t new; company websites have featured articles, images, videos and job descriptions for years.

The buzz surrounds how content has evolved to include a more prevalent use of video, infographics and audio (let’s not forget the social realm of tweets, status updates and #latergrams). How we distribute our content has evolved, too. Today, a well-thought out strategy is not only nice to have, it’s required.

So what’s all the chatter about?

In a world of readily available information, a job description and the “About Us” section of a career site won’t stir up the best candidates. Candidates want more information and context about potential employers. Search engines heavily weight page content versus how well that page is optimized, making it harder for candidates to find you, if robust content doesn’t exist.

Content is king. Original, relevant, engaging, and authentic content – that’s what sparks an emotional connection with your company. This could happen before a candidate applies for a job, maybe before they’ve even considered a career move.

Ways to create and curate quality recruiting content

Curating and creating content seems like a monumental task (let’s be real, it is), but tools and shortcuts can make the ongoing process easier to manage. While most published content is original, consider the content that already exists. Company news, press releases, third-party articles and mentions can all supplement and support your strategy. Beware of “content filler.” Too much or irrelevant information  can deter or overload your audience. Choose quality over quantity.

When developing original content, don’t trade the crown jewels for bling. Engaging your workforce is a great way to source original content. You can use a combination of sophisticated programs and contests, or off-the-cuff interviews and snapshots to achieve authenticity.

Distribution: The queen bee of content

Now you’re the king of content (cue royal music)! But where is your loyal following? While content is king, distribution is queen. And she wears the pants. If your content can’t be found (and in the right places) the effort goes unrewarded. Consider the immense number of ways candidates find information about jobs and your company on the Internet. Your content distribution strategy should target places candidates seek information and where they interact.

Social media, resource and industry websites, rich media vehicles, modules for your website, landing pages – collectively, these could be sharing your content across 20 different mediums at any given time. But you don’t have to manage 20 different platforms. While you may need to tweak content to keep it relevant to the medium, you can cross-pollinate and use mass distribution tools to divide and conquer.

By strategically sharing the right information, distributed across relevant platforms, you can create an experience to help potential employees see how they fit – or don’t.

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