How to Create Your Company Culture
How to create your company culture and code of values

Create Your Company's Own Culture Code

We’ve teamed up with HubSpot to promote the Culture Code Cookbook because we believe it will help you define your company’s culture and engage your workforce more effectively.

What’s a company culture code, you ask? It’s a guiding set of principles that breathe life into your organization. The Culture Code Cookbook outlines how to define your own company’s culture and build an action plan to roll out culture changes internally.

Your company culture must define a unique set of values

The first ingredient in any successful culture is your organization’s values. At your core, what words or phrases define your company? For example, here are Glassdoor’s values:

  1. People Matter: value & respect each other
  2. Integrity: always do the right thing
  3. Passion: be committed in heart and mind
  4. Ownership: treat the company as your own
  5. Accountability: stay true and walk the talk
  6. Leadership: shape a better future

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Ask your employees for a company culture reality check

After you define what you think your company’s core values are, check in with your company! Hold a mirror up to your employees and get them involved. Culture isn’t something you define for your employees—it’s a two-way street that encourages open dialogue. Then go beyond your current workforce by asking yourself what defines ideal job candidates you’re looking to attract.

At Glassdoor, our employees helped us define our qualities and values. That’s why we’re proud to post them on signs throughout our offices, constant reminders of who we are:

company culture

Your company culture starts at your workspace

Now that you’ve defined your values, showcase them!

Send out company emails reminding your employees of what you stand for during particularly tough quarters or times of change. Print posters to put in break rooms, micro-kitchens, hallways or conference rooms. But, most importantly, live your values!

If you’re a passionate, collaborative, scrappy team, host happy hours to celebrate team wins. Consider enacting an open floor plan to embrace transparency and improve work-life balance. It’s one thing to talk about your values, it’s another to live them every day. Let your values guide your business decisions to get the most out of your culture code.

Promote your culture code deck to help your company recruit

Creating a company culture code isn’t just a great way to keep your current employees happy and engaged. It’s also a strong recruiting tool.

Promote your culture and values on your social media sites, careers page and Glassdoor profile to show job seekers what you’re all about. This will help you attract ideal candidates who share the same values as you do—it also sets you apart from your competition.

Take inspiration from the best
To learn more about how leading companies define their company culture and how you can do the same, download the Company Culture Cookbook now.