Top Companies for Culture & Values: Winners Share Tips|Top Companies for Culture & Values: Winners Share Tips

Top Companies for Culture & Values: Winners Share Tips

Today, Glassdoor released our inaugural list of the Top 25 Companies for Culture & Values (2014). Company culture is one of the top five most important factors job seekers consider before accepting a new job. Companies looking to hire and retain top talent should consider both how to cultivate a great culture and how to communicate that culture out to potential candidates.

Does your company need to improve its company culture & values? The top 25 companies share some themes according to their employees, including having a supportive, team-oriented atmosphere, a family-like environment and genuinely standing behind company values. But how do you put this into action? Glassdoor asked a few of the winners to share their thoughts on how to improve culture at your own company.

Identify your values

Take the time to identify your company values and make sure they are meaningful to your company. David Nelms, chairman and chief executive for Discover explains more about how to identify company values.

“Values that place a strong emphasis on responsibility, personal development, well-being, inclusion and recognition are key for any company looking to create a more-effective culture. Leaders must clearly demonstrate by example how common values foster an atmosphere that inspires employees, contributes to the success of the company and produces a better experience for customers.”

Share a mission

Make sure your employees want to do what you want to do. You’re all climbing up the same mountain, so make an effort to ensure employees truly understand what the company is trying to accomplish. Tapping in to a shared mission is the first step in fostering shared values and culture.

Skip Schipper, VP of human resources at Twitter explains, "The power of Twitter's culture is our employees' shared mission and pride in the platform that enables connecting everyone to their world."

Instill passion

Making sure employees buy in to the values of the company and are inspired by them is how Citrix cultivates a great culture.

“We consider our culture to be one of our biggest competitive advantages,” said David Friedman, SVP of human resources and general counsel at Citrix. “People come here, and they stay here, because they’re passionate about our vision. They’re inspired. They share our values.  To be recognized by our employees in anonymous reviews is very gratifying.”

Take care of your people

You may only have these people from 9-5 but when you take a more comprehensive approach to your benefits and wellness programs, you’re communicating to your workforce that their well-being beyond work hours is important to you. As a business, you’ll function better if people are well taken care of outside of work.

“To help Adobe employees reach their fullest potential and to contribute to the success of the business, we take a holistic approach in providing an exceptional experience through wellness, workplace, and career development programs,” said Donna Morris, SVP of people and places, Adobe. “Leaders should view employees as their core asset and cultivate an environment that will help propel their people and the business forward.”


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