Deeper Employer Branding Insights from Glassdoor|Deeper Employer Branding Insights from Glassdoor

Deeper Employer Branding Insights from Glassdoor

Do your employees love you? We can help you count the ways.

Employers tell us they appreciate the insights Glassdoor delivers thanks to our exclusive reviews, ratings and other content. In turn, this intelligence helps employers design and execute strategies to improve culture, increase productivity and hire stronger employees.

In our latest Glassdoor release, we’ve introduced additional analytics for clients with Enhanced Profiles. They will help employers understand job seeker demographics, awareness trends, how employee sentiment differs by role/location, and how they stack up against the competition.

In essence, the amount of love they’re getting from employees!

Here’s what’s new in the Employer Center:

  • Reviews and Interviews Export to Excel. Now you can conveniently download Glassdoor data for deeper analysis and reporting in spreadsheets and other programs.


  • Rating Trends by Category. Employers can now see how their ratings change over time versus a simple snapshot. At a glance, this can help you identify patterns and course correct as needed in key areas like work/life balance and senior management. Find Rating Trends under the Reviews tab in the Employer Center.


  • Analyze Company Updates by Date. Employers can now see how their reach, engagement and follower activity is trending over time.


  • Analyze Employee Sentiment by Office Location, Department and Occupation. Overall ratings are great at providing a quick summary of your employer brand. But to identify top performers or pinpoint trouble spots for corrective actions, you need to dive deeper. Customers can now analyze employee sentiment and ratings by office location, department and occupation.


Learn more about using analytics to improve your employer brand and recruit smarter.