Encouraging Employee Feedback Do's And Don'ts|Encouraging Employee Feedback Do's And Don'ts

Encouraging Employee Feedback Dos And Don'ts

A good employee engagement strategy can help you improve your overall employer brand, and getting employees to review your company can do wonders for your brand. But how do you know when to encourage employee feedback? For example, how do you communicate with managers versus interns, or new hires versus tenured employees?

In our guide, Employee Engagement Templates to Help Improve Your Employer Brand, we discuss the steps of asking for feedback from every type of employee - we even include handy templates that can be copied and pasted into e-mails.

Why encouraging employee feedback is important

Since reviews enhance employee morale and recruitment efforts, there are major benefits to engaging with employees and asking for reviews. First, since reviews on Glassdoor have both pros and cons, employees can re-affirm positive attributes while also expressing thoughtful concerns. This kind of honest, transparent communication can only help your organization. Employer branding also builds loyalty among employees. Did you know that having recent reviews on your Glassdoor profile improves your search relevancy and ensures that your company remains at the top of search results on Glassdoor? Yet another reason to ask your employees for feedback and reviews.

Additionally, thoughtful interview experiences motivate candidates to apply and come in more prepared for interviews. And, lastly, invitations to leave company reviews show employees that the company trusts and appreciates them.

Your employees matter

Everyone from new hires to managers to your CEO should be leaving Glassdoor reviews. But, when it comes to encouraging employees to leave feedback on Glassdoor, the messages you send should be targeted.

For example, new hires are ideal to target because they're fresh to an organization and they bring enthusiasm. Invitations to new hires should be extended during the onboarding process - here at Glassdoor, we ask new hires to leave reviews of their hiring experience during their first day of training! Pro tip: After 90 days, new hires should also be invited to follow up and reflect upon their first three months on the job.

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Managers are also a key resource to help encourage team members to leave reviews. For example, if the Engineering department is looking to fill a QA Engineering position, the Head of Engineering should be reaching out to all those currently in a QA Engineering role to invite leave reviews on Glassdoor. Potential applicants will then have up-to-date explanations of what their job would entail. Want more tips and tricks? Download our complete guide now.

While specific groups such as new hires and managers are definitely crucial when it comes to reviews, all employees matter. Your HR department should be responsible for inviting the company as a whole to leave reviews on Glassdoor. Plus, content should be updated at least once a year to maintain a truly authentic and current view of what it's really like to work at a company.

Lastly, C-Level staff members can offer a broader point of view as leaders of the company. CEOs and other top-level staff have a unique perspective about the organization and overall vision. Additionally, focus on third-party recognition to build your employer brand. When you win an award, be sure to celebrate success with your company and encourage employees to leave reviews reflecting why your company was worthy of this success.

What you can do now

It's easy to send emails asking for reviews through the Employer Center - we promise. If you don't have a Free Employer Profile, sign up now to take advantage of this feature! You can also become an OpenCompany on Glassdoor to embrace transparency at your organization. It's a simple, five-step process that really does make a difference.

Your people will never forget how you cultivate the employee-employer connection - and that first impression will show up in reviews. To get involved in the conversation on Glassdoor and start managing and promoting your employer brand reputation, unlock your Free Employer Profile today.