The Importance of Reputation Management|The Importance of Reputation Management
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Employer Brand Analytics 101: The Importance of Reputation Management

Developing an effective employer brand is the foundation of any effective recruitment strategy. Your employer brand is your reputation, and if you bother with reputation management, who will? But how do you measure if it's resonating with top talent that you are trying to reach?

Monitoring Reputation

Every month, thousands of employers are signing up for Free Employer Accounts on Glassdoor. These free accounts provide basic employer branding tools and analytics that can help you analyze areas such as brand awareness, brand reputation, competitive analysis and audience. Reporting analytics can help you manage your reputation, show how you measure up to your competition and determine if your employer brand resonates with your target audience.

Managing Your Reputation

According to Glassdoor research, the top two employee motivators are compensation and career growth. Monitoring your ratings in these key areas over time can help you judge if your efforts are working or if some areas need extra attention. Reputation word clouds on Glassdoor reveal both positive and negative perceptions of your company; knowing these key strengths and weaknesses helps you fine-tune your employer brand strategy.

In addition to monitoring ratings and using reputation word clouds, setting up company alerts will allow you to stay on new reviews posted by employees or candidates every month. Consider this: 84% of job seekers would consider leaving their current employers for a company with an excellent reputation. It's worth it to manage your reputation in order to retain top talent and further recruit "A" players to your organization.

Analyzing Candidate Activity

With Glassdoor Talent Analytics , you can analyze what job titles are most clicked on and where your candidates are coming from. Additionally, you can gain interview feedback and measure the overall success of your recruiting channels while broadening understanding of your employer brand. In determining which recruitment channels are most effective, recruiters must analyze what's working and what isn't.

Speaking of what's working, have you checked your site traffic lately? Be sure your employer brand is resonating with the right candidates by seeing who's coming to your page. Understanding talent analytics - while daunting - can provide you with invaluable knowledge about your brand and reputation over time.

Keeping An Eye On Your Competition

Analyzing how your traffic compares with competitors can spotlight areas for improvement and tactics you might want to adopt. And seeing which candidates are coming to your page versus the competition can help you refine your recruitment strategy to ultimately reach your target candidates. Similarly, monitoring your own brand's performance can help you understand what your employees like and dislike. Keeping an eye on the competition can help you further refine your strategy to win the war for talent. See what channels are working for your competitors and refine or add new channels to your own recruiting efforts.

Getting Started

Get started monitoring your reputation, analyzing candidate activity and measuring the competition today! First things first - sign up for a Glassdoor Free Employer account today. Then, download our eBook on how to Refine Your Talent Acquisition Strategy with Powerful Glassdoor Analytics for even further detail on delivering measurable results, plus check out case studies showing how Glassdoor has helped companies such as 1-800-Contacts and SolarCity.