Event Recap: Dallas Best Places to Work Roadshow

Event Recap: Dallas Best Places to Work Roadshow

Admit it – when your company asks you to represent them at a vendor workshop, your mind immediately goes the most creative method to get out of it. You’re not alone – I have fallen into that category once or twice (or maybe three times…) during my career.

However, I accepted the invitation to attend the Glassdoor Best Places to Work Roadshow in Dallas without even checking my calendar. With Glassdoor presenting, this was a must-attend event.

Interacting with Glassdoor

As a member of the marketing department of Sendero, a management consulting firm, I work closely with our recruiting team to create messages that capture the unique culture we have at our company. We work together on recruiting messaging, publishing content, and using social media to attract good people to join our firm.

Fortunately, our company believes that our people are one of our most important assets. Working with Glassdoor correlates and supports this belief, as it is a tool that enables us to connect with prospective recruits who fit our culture.

A primary cross-department goal for this year is to continue to enhance our Glassdoor profile. At Sendero, we want to provide all of our candidates with a truly transparent view of who we are as they move through the recruiting pipeline. Glassdoor enables us to accomplish that goal.

Attending the event

Since I was a last-minute addition to the Roadshow, I hadn’t had the time to truly dig into what topics the event would cover. I went from scanning the agenda for the first time in my seat to furiously writing over seven pages of notes over the course of the event.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Roadshow was hearing from Traci McCulley (Guidewire) and Liz Gerstung (Grand Rounds), who represented companies that were both winners in the Glassdoor Best Places to Work 2016 rankings.

Traci walked us through how being a winner on the Glassdoor list for multiple years had directly impacted Guidewire’s number of career site visitors, number of applications received (over 32% increase in the quarter following the announcement), and retention rates.

Liz described Grand Round’s unique culture and how it directly attributed to the happiness of their employees and their win as a Best Place to Work. She encouraged attendees to “get serious about silly,” to “make our values stick,” and to “go for it” when developing our respective Glassdoor pages.

Beyond hearing from winners, we got the opportunity to hear from representatives from Glassdoor and Jobvite on topics including key attributes of Best Places to Work winners, common myths surrounding Glassdoor, and more.

What’s next?

When I returned to the office later that day, all were eager to hear about the event. Sharing my excitement with the recruiting team, I provided a recap of tangible takeaways, thought-provoking ideas, and new tools to help our recruiting efforts on Glassdoor.

Often, vendor-created workshops or conferences are more focused around sales and how they can be more successful; however, this was far different. I spent the morning absorbing valuable content and realistic, actionable measures to make us more successful.

I look forward to applying the information provided by Glassdoor to continue to make our company a better place to work. As a company that is approaching our 12-year anniversary, we continue to look for ways to maintain our strong, unique culture as we grow to over 100 employees and expand our geographic footprint. I look forward to Glassdoor being a part of that journey.