Event Recap: San Francisco Best Places to Work Roadshow

Event Recap: San Francisco Best Places to Work Roadshow

Did you miss the live stream of our sold-out Best Places to Work Roadshow in San Francisco last week? No problem! We videoed the sessions so you can replay (and share) each at your convenience to learn the secrets and strategies of top talent brands.

Here are seven videos that contain actionable advice on becoming a Best Place to Work, including tips you can implement right away at your organization:

Kirsten Davidson from Glassdoor

“Investing isn’t just about money, it’s about listening, it’s about caring, and finding the things that are working and amplifying them.”

Kirsten Davidson, Head of Employer Brand at Glassdoor, shares what it takes to be a Best Place to Work and how overhauling your employer brand can get you there.

Austin Allison from Dotloop & Paul Levine from Trulia

“Your employer brand is what powers you through difficult times.”

Paul Levine, President of Trulia, part of Zillow Group, spotlights how he defined and strengthened Trulia’s culture during a period of fluctuation and uncertainty. Austin Allison, Founder of Dotloop, part of Zillow Group, kicks off this segment with tips on motivating and engaging employees.

Both speakers have weathered acquisition storms, so their insights are quite relevant if you’re at a similar stage in your company's journey.

Tom Gimbel from The LaSalle Network

“The biggest mistake is not hiring the wrong person, it’s keeping the wrong person.”

Tom Gimbel, CEO of The LaSalle Network, discusses how to bounce back from business mistakes and the importance of taking decisive action to fix them.

Rachel Bitte from Jobvite

Sixty-nine percent of recruiters say finding candidates with the right skills is their biggest challenge. Jobvite’s Rachel Bitte discusses how to overcome recruiters’ highest hurdles and how new technology can aid talent acquisition professionals in a candidate-driven job market.

Steve Degnan from Nestlé Purina

Steve Dengan, Chief People Officer of Nestlé Purina, says his secret to becoming a Glassdoor Best Place to Work is keeping employees happy. Learn how to harness the power of emotion from his video recap.

Tom Kemp from Centrify

“You want to have people join you that are fits coming in as opposed to once they’re in, how can you convince them to be happy after the fact.”

Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify, explains how their hiring process earned Centrify a place on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list and why doing strategic work before you hire pays off in the long run.

Chris Miller from Glassdoor

Eighty-nine percent of Glassdoor users are actively looking for jobs or are open to new opportunities (Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, January 2016). Chris Miller from Glassdoor shows how you can reach a receptive audience of job seekers and influence them at every stage of the hiring process.

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In summary, from sending simple “Happy Birthday” emails to employees to “battling on in trying times,” our speaker insights go beyond the realm of good ideas for human resources and can be harnessed by other departments as well. By all means, share these tips with hiring managers, executive management, marketers or anyone who wants to make the place they work one of the best.

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