Everything You Need to Know About Glassdoor Job Postings

Most people know Glassdoor as the place where job seekers go to research companies. But did you know the second most popular reason people visit Glassdoor is to browse job listings? Yep. Over 20 million unique job seekers visit Glassdoor each month in search of new career opportunities, often their “dream jobs.”

For employers, Glassdoor offers several recruiting solutions to advertise job openings to this highly qualified, enthusiastic and diverse candidate pool. To give you a better idea why you should consider posting open positions on Glassdoor, here we answer the basic who, what, where, when, why and how.

Why post on Glassdoor?

You have many options where you advertise your open positions. But are your efforts paying off?

We’ve spoken to scores of hiring managers who consistently report there’s nothing worse than spending hour after hour sifting through unqualified resumes. Fortunately, employers who post jobs on Glassdoor can expect to receive fewer bad resumes. In fact, our average applicant-to-hire ratio is about 50:1. Compare that to LinkedIn’s, which is generally 100:1.

Why is this? Having researched companies on Glassdoor before submitting their applications, candidates who apply via Glassdoor job postings in effect “self-select themselves” as good fits for open positions. Thus, employers see fewer weak candidates apply.

Who should post a job on Glassdoor

DIY Glassdoor job postings are geared toward small to mid-size organizations with modest hiring needs or recruiters and hiring managers with immediate, one-off positions to fill. Ideal for first-time job posters, these pay-as-you-go postings are a snap to create, launch and manage (and even come with a money back guarantee if no one applies).

Best of all, Glassdoor job postings are half the cost of traditional job boards such as LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed. In the end, Glassdoor clients hiring from our diverse talent pool often report a 30% lower cost-per-hire than traditional job boards.

Meanwhile, for larger companies and enterprises with more significant hiring needs, we recommend purchasing job slots or formal display advertising by working directly with our sales executives, who can customize programs that address your specific market or hiring initiatives. You can get in touch with them here.

What you can expect when posting a job on Glassdoor

Hiring managers can post targeted job ads to job seekers based on their behavior and interests. For example, if a candidate has previously searched for “software engineer” openings in the Bay Area and/or leaves a review for a previous software engineering job, then open software engineer or similar positions in the surrounding area will populate during future searches.

How much does it cost of to post a job on Glassdoor

Glassdoor job postings range from $99-$249 depending on hiring location.

Where your job posting will appear

Your job post will appear in the Job Search page on the Glassdoor website, the mobile website, and native Android and iOS applications. Additionally, your job post will be sent to job seekers via daily or weekly job alert emails targeting their specific career interests.

We also publish job postings to partner sites including CNN Money and Fortune plus niche sites such as NewYorkJobs. Lastly, your postings may appear on competitor profile pages (for non-clients). How’s that for casting a wide net?

When you can post a job on Glassdoor

Employers can take advantage of Glassdoor job postings right away. If you have an open position, you can complete a job listing in as little as five minutes and see it in circulation for 30 days – enough time to find your next superstar!

What companies post jobs on Glassdoor

The world’s leading companies are posting jobs on Glassdoor. Businesses like Lyft, Groupon, Macy’s, GoDaddy and Paycom are using Glassdoor to find best-in-class talent.

How  to post a job on Glassdoor

Posting your first job on Glassdoor is a breeze. And it’s affordable, too!

  • Choose your target market, e.g. San Francisco or New York
  • We show you how many job seekers you can reach and at what cost—typically half what job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, Career Builder, and Monster charge
  • Add your job opening
  • Complete payment details for your 30-day job purchase

Once you post your job, it will be live within a few hours. We ensure your job will have special placement and be sent (via email alerts) to job seekers likely interested in your opening. Applicants will be sent directly to your inbox or your reply-to link if you’ve requested traffic to be sent to your career page.

Now what?

Are you ready to find your next team member on the fastest growing career community? Your dream candidates are waiting – Post a job now!

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