Gen Z v. Millennials: Key Differences Recruiters Need to Understand
Millenials Working Together

Gen Z v. Millennials: Key Differences Recruiters Need to Understand

These two generations makeup more than 50% of the U.S. population (1), meaning they’re both important demographics to think about when putting together a recruiting strategy. Here’s the difference between the two and what they’re looking for in a future employer:

Generation Z

  • Born: 1995–2012
  • Current Population: 23 million


  • Born: 1977–1994
  • Current Population: 71 million (2)


Gen Z: They’re eager to start working. 55% of high school students said they feel pressure to gain early professional experience. (3)

Millennials: Have a reputation for being hard to retain. But after one year, employers retain 75% of their new college hires who have internship experience with an employer. (4)

Work Style

Gen Z: They’re more entrepreneurial. 72% want to start their own business. (5)

Millennials: Look for growth opportunities. 60% consider growth opportunities the most attractive company perk.

Communication Style

Gen Z: They communicate in person. 51% said they prefer in-person communication as opposed to emailing or instant messaging. (6)

Millennials: They learn through their peers, both on and offline. 65% say they hear about companies through friends or job boards. (7)

Digital Savvy

Gen Z: They’re aware of their personal brand. These digital natives are conscious of their footprint, gravitating toward Snapchat where images and message disappear into thin air. (8)

Millennials: Online privacy isn’t keeping them up at night. Only 20% said they worry about privacy “a good deal.”

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Gen Z: The most diverse and multicultural of any generation. They’ll surely value a workforce that represents their world. (9)

Millennials: Likely to surround themselves with like minded individuals. 75% of Millennials look for a people and culture fit with employers. (10)

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