How to Get Your Company Featured on the Glassdoor Blog

How to Get Your Company Featured on the Glassdoor Blog

Over the past few months, we have highlighted companies each week on the Glassdoor Blog that are currently hiring. These listicles (get it: list + article) have been wildly popular with job seekers and employees thanks to our email newsletter, social media and interest from the news media. Plus, many employers have seen an instant increase in the number of applications and visits to their Glassdoor profile and career pages thanks to the exposure on the Glassdoor Blog.

So, how can you get your company and jobs featured?

Here's a handy guide to the many questions you have on this topic. In most cases, we look to highlight companies with an overall rating of 3.0 or higher (of course, the higher the better), and who are engaged with their profiles on Glassdoor (For perspective, the average company rating on Glassdoor is currently a 3.4). Photos? We love them. Recent reviews? Absolutely, encourage your employees to share their perspective and opinions. Updated job listings? Keep 'em coming.

Here's everything you need to know.

1. How does Glassdoor select companies to highlight on its Blog?

Glassdoor's editorial team oversees the content for the corporate blog, which is one of the leading ways we communicate with and speak to job seekers. Our editorial team selects companies based entirely on the content employers have on their profiles. We really encourage employers to diversify the type of content on their profiles. Show Glassdoor users and us what your office spaces look like, share photos of community service projects, highlight reviews that speak about company culture or work-life balance, verify your benefits and more.

With the job seeker in mind, we feature employers while being mindful to show a variety of companies by industry, location and size.

2. How are the companies chosen for the "awesome companies hiring now" articles?

In addition to the above criteria, organizations featured in these articles, in most cases, must have at least a 3.0 company rating on Glassdoor, a sizeable number of recent job postings (posted within the last 7 days), and have demonstrated that they stand out for the topic being highlighted in the respective blog post.

3. What makes these blog articles different from data-driven lists?

Whenever Glassdoor publishes a list based on our data, i.e. 25 Highest Rated Companies for Vacation & PTO or 25 Highest Paying Companies in America, you'll notice the methodology outlined at the end of the post which indicates the level of data science involved. As indicated, the companies on these types of lists are compiled using a data-driven approach in partnership with Glassdoor's data science team. The companies are featured because they stand out based on data, which on Glassdoor, can include looking at employee feedback and/or job listings and trends during a set time period.

4. How are these lists different than the Employees' Choice Awards, like Best Places to Work?

The Employees' Choice Awards are the marquee lists Glassdoor publishes annually based on data (employee feedback) collected over the past year. Popular awards in this category include Best Places to Work and Highest Rated CEOs. These lists involve robust methodologies with a commitment to the highest level of data integrity. For more information on how these lists are created, visit our awards FAQs page.

5. What can my company do to be recognized on the Glassdoor Blog?

Images matter. It is not enough to have pictures. Too often companies post pictures of their buildings, trade show booths at events and clearly posed team pictures with everyone in the same company shirt. Think about the message this sends around your employment brand. It is saying that you are like everyone else.

A lot of companies are afraid of video for employment branding or they choose to create those incredibly blasé videos of employees talking about their jobs with the cheesy music playing behind them and no visuals of what it is actually like to work at their company.

Embrace video! Take chances. If you look and act like everyone else, then you are everyone else. The point of video is to stand out in a genuine and honest way.

One of the cool product features on Glassdoor is their "Why Work For Us" tab. You now have the ability to enhance your brand in many ways you see fit; whether through presenting by functions you seek to hire (sales, engineers, etc.) or through any other creative methods you see fit.

When a job seeker sees an engaging profile and then encounters a company rating or review that backs it up-Click!-you build serious trust. No wonder when 78% of job seekers say that ratings and reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work.

6. Can our PR team pitch Glassdoor's editorial staff?

Yes! Pitch us hereJust keep in mind there are no guarantees you will be featured.

7. What other types of articles does Glassdoor's editorial team produce?

Here's a rundown! Of course, you should also subscribe to the blog.

8. Can one of the executives at my company write an article for Glassdoor?

Absolutely! Readers love hearing directly from executives about their career journeys, first job, career advice, and insight into how they approach challenges in the workplace, from hiring and recruiting to company culture and work-life balance. We also conduct executive interviews and Q&As about timely topics ranging from cybersecurity to job trends. Pitch your executive or story idea here.  Please note that, like any publication, we cannot respond to all queries and you'll only hear from us if it's something we're interested in running.

9. Do you have to pay to be considered to be featured on Glassdoor blog post?

No, you do not have to pay.

10. What are three simple things I can do to make my company profile more editorial friendly?

  • High res-images, both professionally shot and employee shot  (We use these on the blog)
  • Recent reviews (The better written the better)
  • Update regularly (Show us what's new!)


Additional Questions? Reach Out to Your Sales Rep For More Information!