Glassdoor Localized Profiles Help International Recruiting|Glassdoor Localized Profiles Help International Recruiting
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Glassdoor Adds New Personalization Tools to Improve International Recruiting

In a highly competitive global jobs market, recruiters want every edge they can get to hire great people quickly and within budget. And as any great recruiter knows, it’s about telling a personalized story in the places where you can reach top candidates. With that, Glassdoor is introducing a new localization feature to its Enhanced Profile, an employer branding product giving employers the ability to easily localize their Enhanced Profile and better market themselves in locations where they are trying to recruit.

Deloitte, and L'Oréal are just a couple of the early adopter Glassdoor clients who have already localized their Enhanced Profiles to better reach top talent throughout the world. Below is an example of Deloitte U.S. profile and its French profile on Glassdoor:

Deloitte U.S.

Deloitte U.S. Glassdoor Profile

Deloitte France:

Deloitte French Glassdoor Profile


Why localize the Glassdoor Enhanced Profile? 

Recruiting today has no borders – a great candidate can come from the U.S. or from France, however the attributes that attract a candidate in each location may be very different. The new feature allows you to customize your employer brand story to each market where you are trying to recruit. So while having a consistent brand as a company is important, this now allows you to have multiple location-specific profiles to better speak to the types of talent you need to attract. 

Why use a Glassdoor Enhanced Profile? 

Posting your jobs alone is not enough to attract candidates to your company. Candidates today want information about what it’s like to work at your company. And they’re turning to Glassdoor by the millions to get this information so why wouldn’t you want to share perspective on what makes your company stand out from competitors? Plus, Glassdoor Enhanced Profiles see on average 3-10 times more traffic than profiles on LinkedIn. Meaning more job seekers are researching companies on Glassdoor than at the well-known professional networking site.

To learn more about Glassdoor Enhanced Profiles read our press release or visit: and claim your profile by signing up for a Free Employer Account – the free account allows an official company representative to update basic company information, respond to reviews and more.