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Employee Resource Groups At Glassdoor

Historically, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), have served and supported the culture of corporate America since the 1970s. Typically organized around a shared, immutable identity, such as race, gender, age, or mental health, they serve as a haven of belonging, offering a space for underrepresented employees and their allies to find one another. Employees who decide to be part of an ERG usually join to experience a reprieve from the daily micro-aggressions they endure inside the workplace and out. ERGs are internal advocacy organizations to help employers become more equitable and inclusive. People who decide to join ERGs are aiming to make an impactful change within their companies.

At Glassdoor, we are committed to not only cultivating a transparent and robust culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, but we also want to help other companies become more D&I focused. We want to create a world where everyone has an inclusive and equitable place at the table, along with employers to develop a safe and diverse workplace for all. We know our collective voices are more influential together, so we're aiming to share awareness about intersectionality and allyship for all communities with our ERG programs. In addition to fostering an equitable environment, we're striving to hold Glassdoor accountable for its commitments in D&I and create quantifiable goals for C-suite executives.

We believe that ERGs can do big things. We want our ERGs to provide a community for our underrepresented groups, and provide safe spaces where our employees can be their best selves. But we also believe that ERGs are a critical part of creating an inclusive culture, and ensuring that our products, marketing, and content reflect our diverse base of users. When we provide our ERGs with exposure to our senior leaders, it opens up new ways for our organization to tap into their expertise and perspectives. We've made sure that our ERGs are integrated into our business processes, for example:

Our ERG leaders collaborate on content related to diversity, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality that's published on our blog. Our Product team consults our ERG leaders to ensure that our products are designed with diverse viewpoints at the table. Any candidate coming to interview at Glassdoor can request to meet with an ERG leader to get a full picture of what it's like to work at Glassdoor.

Because we believe in our ERGs and our ERG leaders so much, we provide compensation for those that step up into leadership roles. We've also created a Diversity, Equity, Community & Inclusion (DICE) Council that includes ERG co-chairs. Our DICE committee meets quarterly with our CEO, as it's their job is to hold him accountable to our D&I aspirations, and to ensure the voices of their communities are heard.

Please find a list of our ERG groups below and stay tuned for rich cultural programming from them.

BUILD's (Blacks United in Leadership and Development) mission is to create a community of togetherness, inclusivity, and awareness of black culture. In alignment with Glassdoor's mission of helping people everywhere find a job and company they love, BUILD prides itself on creating a safe, supportive environment where members feel comfortable to be their authentic selves and represent our voices in matters of business decisions, product development, recruiting, and workplace culture.
Upcoming event:
Evolve Speaker Series: How to be an Ally: Using your privilege to lift up unheard voices.

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Their mission is to celebrate and promote awareness of the Hispanic/Latinx culture and provide professional, educational, and cultural ideas to the Glassdoor community. We are committed to addressing the needs of our Hispanic and Latinx communities and providing opportunities that empower lives and careers.

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Pride at Glassdoor seeks to foster an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment for the LGBTQ+ community. We promote transparency, acceptance, education, and belonging which encourages everyone to live as their authentic selves at all times. We do this by celebrating our differences, creating visibility, and promoting strong allyship.

The mission of Women in Glassdoor (WinG) is to cultivate Global connectivity that stimulates an inclusive environment for women to advance their skills and leadership potential. This group shall serve as a forum for women to find their voice and be heard within the Glassdoor community.

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