Glassdoor Finds No Gender Pay Gap in Annual Internal Analysis
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Glassdoor Finds No Gender Pay Gap in Annual Internal Analysis

At Glassdoor, we’re proud to be a company that doesn’t just talk the talk – we walk the walk. Instead of simply telling companies to embrace principles like transparency and pay equality, we strive to become a real-life example for them to follow.

That’s why Glassdoor not only released a step-by-step technical guide for employers to detect and remedy pay gaps at their own company – about a year ago, we also published a public analysis of our own gender pay data. And today, in the spirit of continued transparency, we’re following up on our commitment to conduct an annual analysis using 2017 payroll information. So, what are the results?

In short, Glassdoor found once again that no significant adjusted total pay gap exists between men and women. In other words, when we compare similar employees by controlling for factors such as job title, department, performance, race/ethnicity, etc., we don’t see a difference between men and women in terms of total pay. These findings are similar to the findings from our analysis last year.

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Similar to last year and to many tech companies, Glassdoor has a 20 percent unadjusted pay gap – that is, the difference between what men and women earn as a whole without controlling for factors beyond gender. This is largely due to the tendency of men and women to sort into different roles.
Compensation (May 2017) Male Female
Base Pay $104,477 $88,991
Bonus Pay $36,638 $28,611
Total Pay $141,116 $117,601
Source: Glassdoor Economic Research

While we’re pleased that the results of our 2017 analysis reflect our commitment to equal pay for equal work and experience, we will continue to monitor and evaluate our data to maintain pay equality – and encourage other companies to do the same. The gender pay gap is not a one-time fix, and if we as a society truly want to eliminate it once and for all, it will require persistent reflection, analysis, and above all, action.

For more details on Glassdoor’s gender pay gap analysis, including methodology, visit our Economic Research blog. Want to conduct a gender pay gap analysis for your own company? Download our employer’s guide here.

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