Glassdoor Introduces Pledges & Certifications for Employers|Glassdoor Introduces Pledges & Certifications for Employers

How to Use Glassdoor Pledges & Certifications to Stand Out

Is your company committed to hiring veterans, providing equal pay, offering registered apprenticeships, or some other type of pledge or certification? Display it proudly on your Glassdoor profile with our Pledges & Certifications!

Encompassing 11 different types of commitments, this distinction is just one more valuable resource in your Employer Center that can help you attract informed candidates on Glassdoor.

Read on to discover which Pledges & Certifications are currently available and how you can add the right ones to your employer profile.

One more way to showcase your employer brand

In 2015, Glassdoor announced the Pledges & Certifications benefits feature, making it easy for companies to verify the programs they offer and the pledges they’ve made. We’ve since updated the list to include additional recognitions to help companies like yours stand out.

The current list includes the following Pledges & Certifications:

  • Registered Apprenticeships

(Note: Registered apprenticeships must be verified by our Community Care team prior to publishing. In some cases, we may ask for more information to verify that your company offers these types of apprenticeships.)

  • Veteran Hiring Commitment
  • Pay Equality Pledge
  • Tech Hiring Commitment
  • Career Advancement Program
  • Social Responsibility Pledge
  • Diversity Commitment
  • Pledge to Thrive
  • First Job Programs
  • Fair Chance Pledge
  • Returnships

How to add Pledges & Certifications to your Glassdoor profile

See a pledge or certification that your company offers or has made? Add it to your Glassdoor profile by signing in to your Free Employer Account and following these six easy steps.

1. Click “For Employers

2. Choose “Go to Employer Center” in the drop down menu.

glassdoor employer center

3. Select “Employer Branding” tab.

glassdoor employer branding

4. Click “Benefits” under “Branded Content.”

glassdoor branded content

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see “Pledges & Certifications” and select the options that your company offers.

glassdoor pledges certifications

6. To finish, select “Save Changes.”

glassdoor profile

Once complete, your Glassdoor profile will indicate your Pledges & Certifications on the right side panel of your benefits tab.

Making it easier for job seekers to find you

Once you verify your company’s Pledges & Certifications, you’ll be automatically included in Glassdoor’s lists of employers who have proven themselves dedicated to a cause.

These include:

Ready to highlight your company’s benefits or official programs and certifications? Log in to your Free Employer Account today.

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