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Glassdoor Introduces Pledges & Certifications for Employers

Today, the White House is “upskilling” America with a summit focused on finding ways to help workers develop new skills that can help them move into higher paying, more senior roles. Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman is in attendance along with Vice President Biden, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Coinciding with this White House initiative, Glassdoor is announcing its On-the-Job Training Finder, allowing people to search and map open jobs that offer on-the-job training and pay, to help them advance their careers. As part of this, Glassdoor is making it easy for employers to verify they offer such programs with a new benefits feature, Pledges & Certifications.

Glassdoor now offering distinctions for Pledges & Certifications

Last summer, Glassdoor introduced Benefits Reviews & Ratings, and since then thousands of companies have verified the benefits they offer employees. Now, Glassdoor is giving employers another valuable resource to distinguish themselves and stand out, based on programs they offer and/or employment pledges they have made. These initial Pledges & Certifications include:

  • Veteran Hiring Commitment
  • Pay Equality Pledge
  • Tech Hiring Commitment
  • Career Advancement Program
  • Social Responsibility Pledge
  • Diversity Commitment
  • Registered Apprenticeships

Employer branding opportunity awaits

Now, employers simply need to log in using a Free Employer Account, visit their employer centers, and select the certifications and pledges that their company is committed to providing. Just select ‘Edit Profile,’ then click ‘Benefits’ to the left-hand side of the screen and you’ll have instant access.

Glassdoor Employer Center Access

Once you’re in, you can select as many pledges and certifications that your company is committed to providing. Currently, there are seven to choose from.

Glassdoor Employer Center Pledges and Certifications

Once complete, your Glassdoor profile will indicate your Pledges & Certifications on the right side panel of your benefits tab.

Enterprise Employer Profile Glassdoor Pledges and Certiifications

Furthermore, once you verify your company’s Pledges & Certifications, you will increase candidate awareness by automatically being included in Glassdoor’s dynamic lists. Updated regularly, these lists showcase all employers who verify their commitments to:

Employers everywhere should be recognized for their honorable commitments and Glassdoor is proud to work alongside the White House in our efforts to upskill Americans.

To highlight your own company’s benefits, or official programs and certifications, request a Free Employer Account, log in to your employer center and begin updating today.

If you represent an organization that helps people find jobs or upskill, and you’re interested in integrating Glassdoor’s On-the-Job Training Finder into your own website, simply register for API access on Glassdoor.

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