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HR & Recruiting News Roundup: Glassdoor Edition

Can you believe November is almost here? As we’ve all been keeping busy, here’s a quick recap of some of the chatter about Glassdoor in the news, among employers and among industry analysts. If you’re looking to see what others think about Glassdoor, the articles below shed light on what we offer as well as interesting survey results on best practices on celebrating Halloween at work.

3 Recruiting & Sourcing Tools Worth Watching (Recruiting Blogs): Matt Charney shares his opinion on what the most intriguing tools and technologies in talent acquisition are today. His feedback comes on the heels of one of HR’s most well-known events, HRTech, in which (as Matt puts it) is the debutante ball for talent technology, the annual ‘coming out’ event for dozens of new systems, solutions and services jockeying for their fair share of recruiting organizations’ annual spend. See what three he feels stood out (and yes, we’re pretty flattered to make his list)

Halloween Office Dos and Don’ts  (Fox Business): Is your company getting in the Halloween spirit in the office? If you’re in HR, see what pitfalls to avoid when planning Halloween festivities. One the positive side, it’s worth noting “59% of employees see Halloween parties as a great opportunity to boost morale in the office, and half see it as a way to improve team building.” Want to improve your employee brand? Next week offers a great opportunity.

The Bee’s Knees of HR Technology 2013 (Brandon Hall Group): Talent Acquisition Analyst Kyle Lagunas also shares his feedback of the recent HRTech conference in Las Vegas, Nev. In his blog post recapping the event, he shares what products stood out most to him. As Lagunas points out in his review of Glassdoor, “Glassdoor has created something that was missing from the Talent Acquisition process for years: accountability.”

Has Your Company Embraced Crowdsourcing to Improve Your Employee Value Proposition? (Ann’s Social Recruiting Blog), Ann Barrett who is an HR professional with Sun Life Financial shares a blog post on the value of crowdsourced information (think TripAdvisor). She talks about how Glassdoor provides a wealth of knowledge in understanding employee experiences with a company’s employee value proposition and employment brand. The post does a comparison of Glassdoor and TripAdvisor and breaks down how crowdsourcing can be impactful for HR.

What Recruiters Tweet, Read and Retweet (ERE): Provides insight into who to follow on Twitter. We’re pretty exciting to see that Glassdoor is the top rated recruiting platform on the list – we come in at #14 after news websites like ERE (#1) Forbes (#2), Mashable (#3) and others like Harvard Business Review (#9).

See where else Glassdoor was recently in the news below and on our press center.

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