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Product Investment: Drive Workplace Transparency and Equity for Underrepresented Groups

On June 15th, Glassdoor CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong committed to creating products on our platform to address racial, gender, LGBTQ+ equity and workplace discrimination. As Christian described it, we view our platform as the most impactful way we can help accelerate societal change at scale.

Therefore,  this fall, Glassdoor will begin to shine a light on workplace diversity and inclusion by introducing new features. These will be our first foundational measures aimed at embracing truth and transparency for underrepresented groups. These product additions include: 

  • Demographic Data Contributions: To see what strides need to be made in the areas of pay transparency and diversity, we'll begin giving job seekers and employees the ability to opt-in and share demographic information such as gender, ethnicity and race, sexual orientation and more. 
  • Employer Diversity Ratings and Reviews: Glassdoor users will be able to get a sense of how employees view their own company's workplace equity performance with new features that highlight company ratings and reviews pertaining to diversity and inclusion. 
  • Employer Diversity Story: In turn, employers will be able to share the work they are doing to address inequities. We'll begin inviting companies to disclose their current workforce demographics and diversity goals to help inform job seekers of where they stand and where they'd like to be, as well as highlight their diversity programs and statements.

These new features are just the first step in our journey to propel the change that will highlight the needs of underrepresented groups and help create true equity in the workplace. Much more will come as we work together in our commitment to drive transparency so people everywhere can find a job and company they love and where they can be their true selves.

To see how our product development teams have tackled this issue of driving real change in pursuit of workplace equity using the notion of radical transparency, please see our video below.

Annie Pearl

Chief Product Officer, Glassdoor