Glassdoor Product Update: Company Updates|Glassdoor Product Update: Company Updates

Glassdoor Product Update: Company Updates

Today, we are introducing a new feature on Glassdoor called Company Updates. Company Updates gives you the ability to share interesting and relevant updates related to your work culture and hiring needs with career-minded people who are researching your company on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor has always been a great place for job seekers to get the inside scoop on the companies they are actively researching or might like to work for. Glassdoor has also been a great platform for companies to build and manage their employer brand, as well as hire from a pool of high-quality job seekers. However, the one thing that was missing – and we have heard this from many of our clients – is the ability for employers to communicate with this massive, highly informed, and motivated job seeker audience in a more active and direct way.

If this all sounds familiar, then Company Updates is for you. Before we go into some of the details on how this works, let us look at why Glassdoor Company Updates has a much more targeted reach with a captive audience as compared to other social channels.


The power of Glassdoor audience and reach

There is a huge – and widening – gap between what the most popular social media channels promise, and deliver. And if you are in a niche area such as HR or Talent Acquisition, it is really hard to be heard above the noise.

The question of intention: When someone follows you on Glassdoor, they have a very different mindset and intention than when they follow you on other social media channels. People follow you and other companies on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for a number of different reasons – product updates, company news, industry updates, etc. If you do have a few updates related to hiring and company culture in there, they usually get drowned out because that is not what consumers look for on these channels. Contrast that with Glassdoor which exists for one reason – to help find people the jobs and companies they love. When people visit your profile on Glassdoor or choose to follow you, they do this for one reason – they want to know more about what it’s like to work for you.

The newsfeed problem: Unless you are spending a lot of money with other social media channels, your reach is not as big or as targeted as you think. For example, there has been a lot of data and discussion recently on how the Facebook newsfeed is getting increasingly overloaded due to fierce competition, and how this reduces the likelihood of your posts reaching your follower audience. It is also hard to compete for attention with messages and photos from family and friends. The chances of your career or hiring related messages reaching the right job seeker are really low. Again, compare this to Glassdoor where every one of your updates will be viewed by thousands of motivated job seekers each day.

Use Company Updates to unlock the power of the Glassdoor audience

Communicate directly with job seekers: Company Updates are displayed prominently on your Glassdoor profile. On average your Glassdoor profile attracts 3X more job seekers than your LinkedIn company page and often more than your own company career page. This is your opportunity to tell candidates why they should consider working for you – by showcasing your employees, talking about the big problems you are solving, or where you are hiring heavily. To extend your reach and message, Company Updates are also displayed on content pages next to your company reviews, interview feedback, salary and benefits pages.


Glassdoor Follower Program: When job seekers decide to follow you on Glassdoor, they receive a weekly digest with all the new user-generated content around your company (latest reviews, interviews, salaries, etc.). Company Updates will now appear in this email offering additional reach and awareness for your posts.


Using Company Updates is easy

Posting updates: Log into your Glassdoor Profile, click on the new tab titled ‘Updates’ with a beta flag on it, and start typing an update. If you share a link, we will retrieve a headline, thumbnail image and a brief description to make your updates more compelling. You can also upload your own image to associate with your update. There are options to delete a post or to promote a post to the top for a certain period of time.


Analytics and reach: Posting the right content that resonates with the audience is an iterative process. The Analytics under the ‘Updates’ section in Employer Center will let you dig into the performance of your updates. You can see how many people viewed your updates, if they found them helpful, how successful you were in attracting new followers, etc. There is even a nifty chart that tells you what other companies your followers are following on Glassdoor.


Get started with Company Updates today

In a one-month early beta trial we ran with a few of our clients, those posting about 3-5 updates a week on Glassdoor saw a 16% improvement in follower acquisition as well as 14% increase in time spent on their profile page, as compared to the control group. This is a significant increase in engagement. What this means is that job seekers on Glassdoor are finding these updates useful in their search for their dream company. Our beta clients found it invaluable to be able to tell their story and share their culture directly with the Glassdoor audience.

Starting today, we are providing exclusive access to the Company Updates feature to our clients. We will continue to be in an ‘Extended Beta’ mode over the next few months. Your feedback will be invaluable in helping us refine this product and make it even better. Company Updates is a better way to invest in your social recruiting strategy, and reach millions of highly motivated and career-minded job seekers that frequent Glassdoor. Get started today and see for yourself why we are so excited about this launch.