Glassdoor Product Update: Reviews and Interviews|Glassdoor Product Update: Reviews and Interviews

Glassdoor Product Update: Reviews and Interviews

Company reviews and interview feedback constitute a significant portion of Glassdoor’s 6.5 million pieces of user generated content (UGC) from more than 325,000 companies. Both of these content types are indispensable resources for employers to keep a pulse on employee satisfaction and the candidate interview experience.

This week, we announced two new tools in the Employer Center: Reviews and Interviews Analysis tools will allow employers to dig in to the company reviews and interview feedback submitted to Glassdoor, and identify actionable insights into internal practices, company policies and the candidate interview experience.

A new way to assess the success of your interview process

Do you want to know why that highly qualified, perfect cultural fit candidate rejected your great offer? Do you understand the results you’re getting from the staffing agency you recently hired compared to all other recruitment sources?

The Interviews page is designed to help you with all of these questions: Filter interview feedback and analytics by candidate difficulty rating, interview experience, recruitment score and offer acceptance. View top job titles, locations, and recruitment source based on filter criteria. Respond to individual interview feedback to demonstrate your commitment to embracing feedback. The Interviews page lives under the Insights tab of the Employer Center.

Interviews - Filtered View 10282014

Also now available exclusively to clients is a word cloud for interview feedback as well as an interview scorecard to show how you stack up versus the Glassdoor average as well as top competitors. The Interviews scorecard can be found on the Reputation page of the Employer Center.

Reputation - Interview selected 10282014

Compare the employee satisfaction across various office locations

At the beginning of this year, a Software Advice report revealed 48% of job seekers use Glassdoor at some point in their job search. Company reviews play a critical role in this process.

Today, the review analytics and filter options have been refreshed to bring a new level of accessibility to company reviews and arm you with tools to analyze the data according to current/past employee status, location and job title. Top level analytics provide a comparative view of the filtered content against the overall company ratings. The page also allows employers to respond to reviews directly within Employer Center. The Reviews page lives under the Insights tab of the Employer Center.

Reviews - Filtered View 10282014

Last but not least, today, the client exclusive reputation scorecard has also been updates to include percentage of reviews by current employees and relative ratings as well as the top pro’s and con’s extracted from the review data.

Reputation - Review Scorecard 10282014

Glassdoor data provides a direct path for employers to measure their employer brand among job seekers. Beta availability of reviews and interviews in the Employer Center is part of the plan to arm employers with the best tools available. Stay tuned for even more improvements in our analytics!