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Glassdoor Profiles or LinkedIn Company Pages: Where are Candidates Going More?

The last thing employers want to do is throw valuable recruitment budget into products and tools that aren’t working. Because LinkedIn has such a significant online presence as the world’s largest professional network, the assumption is that a company page on their site would generate tons of traffic from candidates researching them. Turns out, job seekers may be going to LinkedIn to network, but they’re not going there to research companies – for this, they’re going to Glassdoor.

After surveying hundreds of employers, big and small, across multiple industries, you might be surprised to find that companies are seeing 3X more traffic on their Glassdoor profile than their LinkedIn company page.  For companies with hourly employees, this number can be as high as 20-30x! Why is this? Because hourly employees are not often the ones spending time building out their online profile and networking with professionals on LinkedIn, but they are the ones going to Glassdoor to research company reviews, salaries, interview questions and reviews, as well as view workplace photos.

Not everyone needs an online resume, but everyone from CEO’s to truck drivers want to know that they’re making the right career decision, and they go to Glassdoor – not LinkedIn – to research companies and make those decisions.  Is the same true for your company?

How to compare traffic on your Glassdoor profile vs. LinkedIn company page

Glassdoor Profile Traffic

To access your Glassdoor profile, sign into the employer center (Hint: To sign into the employer center you will need to use your free employer account).

Sign in to employer center

Once you are signed into the Employer Center, you should automatically land on the “Awareness” tab within your insights report.

Glassdoor Employer Center - Insights.Awareness tab

 Hover over the most recent month in the chart to view the traffic to your Glassdoor profile during that time period.

recent awareness


LinkedIn Company Page Traffic

To see traffic activity on your LinkedIn company page, you must be a Company Page Administrator.  If you don’t have access, you’ll need to ask an existing admin at your company to provide this information or give you access.  First, sign into your LinkedIn company page with admin access. Next, visit your company page and click “Edit” button in the top right. Then, click on the dropdown and select “View Page Insights”.

li login

From the Page Insights page, find the “Page Views” chart at the top of the page and hover over the most recent complete month in the chart to view the traffic to your LinkedIn company page during that time period.

LinkedIn Company Page Traffic

Are you using the right talent solutions for your hiring needs?

Professionals may be networking on LinkedIn, but job seekers everywhere are using Glassdoor to find out what it’s like to work at more than into 270,000 companies.  Employers looking to influence and recruit top talent have the opportunity to promote their brand and advertise their jobs to target ideal fit candidates researching them and their competitors.

Where are your candidates going more? Take the Glassdoor challenge and let us know how your traffic compares.


If you have questions on how to use the Glassdoor Employer Center or want to know more about your traffic on Glassdoor, email employers [at] Glassdoor [dot] com.