Glassdoor Survey Finds 75% of Americans Believe Employers Should Take a Political Stand
employers discussing social issues

Glassdoor Survey Finds 75% of Americans Believe Employers Should Take a Political Stand

With widespread, polarizing issues - ranging from DACA and immigration reform to #TakeAKnee and the Freedom of Speech - on the rise, it's more important than ever for employers to take a stand on social issues in America, according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor.

Younger workers are most passionate about employer commitment to hot-button topics: 75% of those ages 18-34 expect their employer to take a stand on important issues affecting the country and their constitutional rights, including immigration, equal rights, and climate change, more than any other age group. In turn, the data suggests that employers who pay attention to taking a stand on such issues may have a recruiting advantage.

Furthermore, nearly four in five (84%) U.S. workers believe companies have an important voice in proposed legislation, regulation and executive orders that could affect the employer's business or the lives of employees.

Companies including Salesforce, Facebook, Deutsche Bank, Lionsgate, and Glassdoor have all taken stances on recent issues like equal pay, the proposed Muslim Ban and anti-LGBTQ legislation.  The Glassdoor survey reveals that employees expect employer engagement on timely political and social issues.

"Today's informed candidates want to work for companies that are actively engaged on topics that directly impact their lives and align with their beliefs," said Dawn Lyon, Glassdoor chief reputation officer and senior vice president of global corporate affairs. "Today's candidates, especially younger job seekers, want to work at companies that take a stand and take action."

With a highly charged political climate around immigration, Glassdoor's survey also revealed how much employees value their global colleagues. More than half of employees and job seekers (58 percent) believe legal immigrant workers at their company are critical to the overall success of their business. Interestingly, more men (63%) than women (54%) feel this way.

Giving back is also important to employees these days. 75% of U.S. workers expect their employer to support groups and individuals in need in their respective communities, either through donations and/or volunteer efforts.

The big takeaway for job seekers is that companies are doubling down on their mission and values to improve corporate social responsibility and to attract innovative, informed candidates.

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