Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Recruiter|Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Recruiter

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Recruiter

Interested in how you can take your recruiting strategy beyond LinkedIn? Many recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find top talent, but candidates often spend their time elsewhere.

In our webinar Going Beyond LinkedIn: How Smart Recruiter’s Find Today’s Candidates, we explore the pros and cons of LinkedIn as a recruiting platform and dive deeper into five strategies you can use to recruit beyond LinkedIn.

What LinkedIn Recruiter delivers

Why do people use LinkedIn? Most of the common reasons include networking, job searching, marketing, communicating and searching for professional talent. There are several LinkedIn recruiting strategies and best practices but most fall short.

Where LinkedIn Recruiter strategies fall short

LinkedIn’s user base is limited to business professionals who are looking to network, not necessarily find new jobs. Did you know that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies are LinkedIn customers? If you uncover a hot candidate on LinkedIn, recruiters are already bombarding them with InMail messages. These individuals are hard to recruit – it’s also incredibly difficult for your company to stand out. If you look at the pros and cons of LinkedIn use, the pros lie in it's professional social network usage, not as a recruiting tool.

Additionally, LinkedIn is a traditional recruiting platform. It’s transactional. Candidates aren’t researching companies or finding honest reviews. On LinkedIn, potential candidates are left in the dark, wondering what it would really be like to work at a given company.

Let's also not forget about the costs. The cost of Linkedin Recruiter: $899/month without any add-ons.

What today’s candidates care about

It’s important to reach candidates while they are researching companies. Sixty-percent of candidates have already investigated and researched an employer before they apply for work. You need to get your brand in front of candidates the moment they are making key decisions like this.

Start by fishing where the fish are. People on Glassdoor are actively researching companies they want to work at. Forty-eight percent of US job seekers use Glassdoor when searching for new jobs. Glassdoor touches candidates at every step of the decision making process. Go beyond simply sourcing and following up with an e-mail – instead, establish your employer brand as a magnetic force to be reckoned with to automatically attract star candidates.

According to Bersin by Deloitte, a simply irresistible organization is one where people actually care about the work they’re doing. Other characteristics include hands-on management, incredible work environment, growth opportunities and trust in leadership. These are the factors that separate top companies from the bottom few – and these are the qualities job seekers are looking for.

The job seeker breakdown

Fifty-one percent of new employees today have buyer’s remorse. More often than not, this means candidates focused on the messaging from recruiters instead of honest feedback from Glassdoor. Keep in mind the average cost of replacing a hire is about $15,000 when you factor in recruiting and training. Losing a candidate is more expensive than recruiting that person. These are long-term costs you want to avoid!

Additionally, 95% of employees say that reviews from employees influence their job decision. This goes for any review site, but specifically Glassdoor. If you’re considering hiring a contractor or buying a vacuum, you look to people who have previously purchased those items or used those services. A job, too, one of the most important decisions you can make!

Influencing candidates

So, how do you influence candidates you want to reach? Building trust is key, and this starts early. This is where the little things count – it’s all about care. Candidates want to know that their employer will care about them.

How do you do this? Woo your candidates. This comes down to not only initial attraction, but also how you close. Other things candidates look for are a competitive offer and solid benefits. Communicate the great perks that come along with the job to sell the role to your candidate without embellishing. Tell them the good and the bad!

According to a Glassdoor study, 35% of fully employed workers reported they would make a career move even without a pay raise in 2015. While pay is important, don’t assume it’s the top priority for every candidate. As tempting as it can be to woo a candidate with an exaggerated salary or unrealistic (or non-existent) benefits, doing so can haunt you later.

Interested in what someone in a similar role gets paid? While LinkedIn has salary ranges for positions, that data is taken from the market average for what that job should pay. Salary data on Glassdoor is specific to that role at that company, on the other hand, provided by employees themselves. Check out the salary comparisons feature on Glassdoor to compare salaries of similar roles at different companies.

Lastly, to influence stellar talent, you have to engage your current employees. It takes a village to bring your employer brand to life and communicate it to job seekers. Some best practices:

  • Make sure all social channels are current.
  • Empower your employees! They should be your #1 brand ambassadors.
    • Handles like @insideglassdoor are a great way to promote your story on as many channels as possible!
  • Share user-generated content on Glassdoor. Make sure your employees know they can leave reviews on Glassdoor.
    • Pro Tip: When collecting orientation feedback, require new hires to leave Glassdoor reviews.

More often than not, you’ll have to cast as wide of a net as possible when reaching out to candidates. Don’t stick to one, outdated recruiting strategy – look where your candidates are going and spend your money there. Candidates care about more than just the employer’s perspective. Encourage your employees to walk the walk and talk the talk for you – it’s what job seekers want to see.

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