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The Perfect Free Recruitment Tracker for Small Businesses

No applicant tracking system? No problem. While ATSs are a great way to keep the hiring process organized, they’re often just not in the budget for small businesses. If you’re working on a truly scrappy team, sometimes you just need a quick and easy solution.

Enter: our free hiring tracker. This downloadable Excel file is an easy-to-use, no-fuss way for you and your team to keep tabs on all of your recruiting efforts.

About Our Recruitment Tracker – The Applicant Tracking Excel Spreadsheet

It’s broken down into four different sections:

  • Open Roles: Keep track of all of the roles that your company is currently hiring for and the information associated with each, including job level, department, hiring manager, requirements, ideal start dates and more.
  • Interviews: Record feedback from all stakeholders on each candidate interviewed.
  • Candidate Status: Log each candidate touchpoint from initial outreach to offer letter and background check.
  • Budget: Monitor which recruiting channels are performing best for you based on dollars spent, clicks, cost per click and total cost per role.

And of course, you can customize the spreadsheet however you see fit to accommodate your team’s unique preferences and processes.

If you’re looking for a truly no-cost way to organize your open roles, store interview feedback, keep track of where candidates are in the hiring process and analyze the ROI of your recruiting spend, it doesn’t get much simpler — or more comprehensive — than this.

Download the Recruiter’s Hiring Tracker

Easily keep track of your hiring efforts, all in one place, with this plug-and-play template. Download Recruiter’s Hiring Tracker