How Employers Can Benefit from Glassdoor Trends

Are you trying to recruit in San Francisco but having a hard time finding candidates? Glassdoor Trends, a new product tool launching today, helps employers get a peek into what jobs and companies are most popular with job seekers specific to location or industry. In other words, you can see why recruiting for your open jobs may be so tough, and help open you up to other areas to consider.

Updated monthly, Glassdoor Trends will examine activity across thousands of jobs and companies, identifying notable or unexpected attention spikes of attention by job seekers. Weighted results ensure companies of all sizes and less common occupations are represented.

Glassdoor Company Trends by Location. San Francisco

What’s in it for employers?

First, Glassdoor Trends will provide valuable insight into job seekers’ attitudes, preferences and habits, across geographies and industries.

Second, employers will be able to see how major company news may impact job activity and clicks on Glassdoor. For example, a new product announcement or rollout may cause your organization to trend on Glassdoor. Why? Because that news can stir job seeker interest in your company and encourage them to visit Glassdoor to learn more about your company and open jobs.

How Glassdoor Trends will help you recruit

Companies can trend on Glassdoor for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Workplace/employment news
  • Product/Service News
  • Business News
  • Awards
  • Events

Note this is not an exhaustive list of reasons, but gives an idea as to some of the possible reasons that an employer may trend on Glassdoor. The best way to consider why a company may trend is to think about what catches a job seeker’s attention that in turn could causes them to research the company and/or its open jobs on Glassdoor.

Beyond general interest around the trends lists, this can be gold for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals looking to improve their own organization’s appeal to candidates. For example, a company (or competitor) that has trended on Glassdoor might have just updated its benefits package, offering unlimited PTO or extended parental leave.

In turn, this might help you reconsider your own benefits plan or the larger area of your employer brand as a talent magnet.

Competitive intelligence with Glassdoor Trends

Want to see which companies in your area are getting the most attention with job seekers on Glassdoor? Glassdoor Trends can be filtered by location, industry or job title. For example, see which companies are hot in dozens of specific industries, like healthcare or finance, or in a specific city, such as Seattle, Wash., or which companies are the most popular for event planning or software engineers.

Learn more about Glassdoor Job and Company Trends and see Trends FAQs (including a handful of best practices on what to do when your company appears on a trends list).