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How Glassdoor Can Help You Manage Through Tough Times

We understand how difficult these times are. We know you're working hard to communicate effectively with your workforce and doing everything you can to uphold the important work you do.

As you navigate the unfolding events, Glassdoor is here for you.

You can continue to count on us to provide dedicated customer support along with continued employer branding and recruiting services. We've seen many of our customers have success in communicating their COVID-19 efforts using their Glassdoor company updates. Your Glassdoor Employer Profile is also an excellent place to share anything you're doing to help your community, like providing financial support for childcare or additional assistance through paid leave for employees with Coronavirus.

Here are some useful ways to lean on your strong employer brand to manage ambiguity and uncertainty.

1. Use Your Glassdoor Company Updates to Share your COVID-19 Efforts

Candidates want to hear the latest news on how your company is responding to COVID-19. You can share how you're supporting your employees or the community, or how your operations are going virtual. When you post a company update, anyone who follows your company will receive an email informing them of your update and other new content on your profile. You can add photos to your post or just promote it to specific local geographies. Check out these companies who have already shared COVID-19 updates on Glassdoor. 

Here at Glassdoor, we've added a tab to our Why Work With Us section to showcase how we're caring for our teams and supporting customers during this time.

2. Keep Your Talent Pipeline Filled with Proactive Messaging

The current economic situation is rapidly evolving as the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. Job openings are declining modestly week-over-week, according to Glassdoor data. Given this, we expect to see many employers taking the risk of a recession more seriously by updating their hiring and talent attraction playbooks in preparation. 

Take control of your messaging to proactively engage your candidates with relevant content about your company, your hiring landscape and what they can expect from your brand given the changing landscape. Message your candidates through your Employer Center to keep them engaged and informed. 

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3. Update Job Descriptions with Virtual Onboarding + Interviewing Language

Don't assume we will soon enter a buyer's market for talent. In an environment characterized by uncertainty, hiring for top talent is about to get harder. Candidates will become risk-averse, unwilling to take a chance on a job transition. We won't see a sudden surge in tech talent. Video interviewing has high value right now but if your proactive recruitment marketing efforts dip, in three months your talent pipeline can suffer.

Conducting highly effective virtual interviews can be a boon for both employers and candidates, from saving money on travel or accommodating asynchronous schedules to protecting the health of employees and communities during peak flu season. Let applicants know how you're approaching hiring during this time by spelling out your process in job descriptions or in candidate messaging.

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4. Continue Responding to Reviews, Good & Bad

Job seekers and employees want to hear your voice, especially during turbulent times. Responding to reviews is a way to show them who you are and what you stand for. It provides transparency and gives people confidence in your company. By continuing to invest in your employer brand, you are building a relationship with top talent and ensuring long-term success.

The best strategy for protecting a company's talent resources during a challenging time is to develop a roadmap for prioritizing human resources with a special focus on protecting employee culture and branding in the unfortunate case of an economic downturn or recession. Doing so can help HR teams advocate for smart talent decisions during the emotional and volatile times of a downturn.

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With COVID-19 causing anxiety and recession fears in every industry, there's one trend in hiring we don't expect to slow, even if a U.S. recession materializes: employer emphasis on brand image. Building a strong employer brand takes years, while most recessions last nowhere nearly as long. Even if hiring slows in a downturn, the need to differentiate from the competition will not. When the economy picks up and it's time to ramp up hiring again, companies who've maintained a strong employer brand will enjoy a clear strategic advantage. For that reason, we expect employers in 2020 to keep the long view and maintain investments in employer branding even if the economy slows. 

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