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How to Achieve a Lower Cost-Per-Hire

Glassdoor is the most trusted and transparent place for today’s candidates to search for jobs and research companies, providing an inside look at companies job seekers can’t find anywhere else. More than 22 million members visit Glassdoor for 6 million ratings, reviews, and interview experiences on more than 300,000 companies worldwide. These candidates are well informed and highly selective when choosing to apply to a job. And that’s a good thing.

Since Glassdoor delivers fewer unqualified applicants, employers only have to pay for the remaining high quality applicants, resulting in as much as a 30% lower cost-per-hire than other recruitment channels. For example, Cisco made 24 high-level hires significantly under their target cost-per-hire (CPH) with Glassdoor and ServiceMaster successfully hired seasonal workers at a $17 CPH.

St. Dominic’s Hospital made four hires in five months alone, one of which was a director level hire. This would have typically cost the hospital about $35-40,000 in recruitment agency fees. Glassdoor delivered at a fraction of the cost at just $478.50 per hire.

So how can employers recruit candidates at a lower cost? Get involved in the conversation. Advertise your open jobs and start recruiting ideal candidates who may not be aware of your company.