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How to Attract Top Talent with Impeccable Office Design

The days of feeling chained to a desk are over. Employees won’t accept that workplace environment any longer. In the quest to find and secure the best possible talent in 2020 and beyond, dynamic office design has never been more important. 

Today’s workers want an office atmosphere that brings out the best in them, with 7 in 10 employees saying they’d be more likely to accept a job from a company that prioritizes their health and well-being. Given data like this, every enterprise should consider creating an environment that encourages healthy habits.

Earlier this year, a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that physical activity plays a significant role in reducing the risk of depression. The overarching takeaway for businesses? Active work environments can impact employees on both personal and professional levels — and happier people means more production for employers.

This is all especially important to consider in the recruitment realm, where culture, morale, and environment are becoming significant value propositions for job candidates. Your workspace can make a strong impression on a potential hire before you even have the chance to, and a windowless room full of cubicles won’t leave you looking forward-thinking or health-conscious, regardless of your intentions.

Instead, a more dynamic office layout can turn heads. If candidates were to see a standing meeting, for example, or maybe catch a glimpse of employees taking advantage of a dedicated wellness room, it could pique their interest in your company. People want to trust that their employers have their best interests at heart, and it’s up to companies to follow through.

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We’re already seeing plenty of evidence of this. Take Starbucks, which recently announced a major investment in a companywide mental health initiative. A proactive approach to employee health and well-being is not just a good public relations move; it’s a factor that actual job seekers look for. In order to attract the best talent, here are some strategies to consider:

1. Incorporate your company culture in the job description.

Customers aren’t the only ones who need to know your values. When job seekers apply with your mission statement in mind, they can get a better sense of the culture and work environment they might be adding to. It’s also helpful for recruiters as they seek to determine best fits.

Take a close look at your job descriptions for available positions: Do they make clear that your company desires people with shared values and unique personalities that contribute to the company’s DNA?

A majority of Millennials are prioritizing strong workplace cultures as they navigate the job market, and in order to woo the top talent this generation has to offer, you must explain upfront why your company is the perfect fit.

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2. Create tours that highlight your space’s strengths.

When you have an office crafted with your employees in mind, you’ll be eager to show it off to interviewees. When we guide job candidates through our facility, it’s exciting to see them perk up at the sight of our on-site gym and energy-filled workspace. When we show them the best parts about coming to work, they see that we’re sincere about ensuring the wellness of our employees and attracting the best people.

When a potential employee makes that first trip to an office, the experience will go a long way toward influencing whether they’ll maintain interest in the position you have to offer. A workspace that is bright, clean, and comfortable goes a long way toward reflecting a dynamic company culture.

3. Make your office impossible to ignore.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to make a good first impression. A simple way to achieve this is for businesses to make sure their office setup is aesthetically pleasing. It’s not just about a design that encourages collaboration and conversation; it’s also about tapping into other senses like sight (plenty of natural light), smell (pumping scents into a space), taste (coffee bar) and sound (white noise machines to allow focus). 

Make sure all of your furniture can be used to fit your current employees’ needs. Prospective ones will notice. You might find that high-top tables can serve as meeting spaces, or you could also consider adding movable walls that can be adjusted based on need. Whatever you do with your space, make sure you’re using it to its full potential.

To attract today’s best job candidates, you need to account for the health and well-being of your team members and encourage them to live their best lives. Give employees a space where they can accomplish their best work. This not only creates a positive environment in which to get the job done, but it also signals to top talent that your office is the place to be.

As Chief People Officer, Megan Detz leads all Human Resources functions and develops people strategies to help Vari's business growth. Prior to joining Vari, Megan served as senior vice president of Human Capital at NTT DATA, Inc., where she helped scale the company's employee base from 15,000 to nearly 46,000 in seven years.

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