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How to Automate the Hiring Process Without Losing Top Talent

Depending on how many positions you have to fill in a year, a significant amount of your time can be taken up with the hiring process. That is... unless you automate certain tasks! Automation is a recruiter's best friend if used wisely.

Why Automate Hiring Tasks?

Software that lets you work more efficiently through automation can be found in every aspect of running a business these days. For recruiters, automating certain functions can ensure consistency in the hiring process for each and every new job candidate and employee, which also eliminates unnecessary work for you.

Hiring isn't always a speedy process, but automation can streamline hiring and get new employees trained and up and running faster.

When you automate these tasks, you free yourself up to work on other responsibilities that require a personal touch.

Maximize Your Job Postings

Rather than rely on a new position being listed only on your website, thus limiting the applicants who see it, post it to job boards. You can view applications and track the status of candidates as they move through the hiring process in one easy place. The more people see your job, the more qualified candidates you have to consider for the role.

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Keep a Pipeline of Talent

One mistake some hiring managers make is thinking in the short-term. They collect applications, choose the best candidate, then toss the stack. But using contact management software lets you create a database of the qualified candidates you weren't able to hire in the event that, down the road, a position that's a better fit opens up.

Once you receive an application, create an entry in your CMS, then send that database announcements for new positions since you've already filtered through them and know they will make your short list.

Automate Screening Questions

If you include screening questions as part of the application process, you automatically winnow down your list to just those candidates who meet your criteria in terms of where they live, whether they're authorized to work in the U.S. and whether they possess required certification or licenses. You easily filter through hundreds of applicants and end up with only the ones who meet your requirements.

Test Them Before You Interview Them

Another sticking point in the hiring process is in assessing a candidate's skills. If you require proof of aptitude for certain skills, you can automate this by sending a link to a testing tool. Then you can sort through test results to see who is best qualified for the role you're filling.

Simplify Scheduling

Finding a time that fits both your schedule and an applicant's can be time-consuming. But if you use appointment scheduling software, you can send a link that shows a candidate open slots on your calendar so they can choose what works for them. This eliminates the back-and-forth emails we're used to and ensures that you didn't fill an appointment slot while waiting to hear back from someone.

Keep Candidates Informed Via Automated Emails

Recruiters waste a lot of time responding to calls or emails from candidates they've interviewed asking the status of the hiring process. Instead, use automated emails to let all candidates know where you are. You can let them know they are still in the running or that you've eliminated them from the decision so that they can move on.

Automate the Offer Process

If you have offer letter templates on hand, it's easy to plug in the information for a given candidate. But if you need signatures from various department heads, the offer can take longer than you'd like.

Use digital signature software to speed up the approval and signature process so that you can get that offer letter in the hands of your new hire.

Certainly, not every aspect of the hiring process can be automated. We probably will never have software that can accurately assess a given candidate's ability to do the job beyond what the resume says (though... who knows?). But with these aspects taken care of, thanks to automation software, you have more time to put toward the rest.

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She's written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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