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Amid Disruption, You Should Also Disrupt Your Story. Here's How.

Whether you are in an industry that has found itself reinventing to stay afloat or you are an organization that has been swamped by new business as a result of this year's pandemic upheaval, consider how the chapters of your story should be evolving.

While your storied fabric should maintain a level of consistency in the foundational threads, the nuances - and in some cases, more dramatic aspects - of your story should be disrupted, regularly. If there's one thing that is a constant right now, it's that nothing remains the same from week to week (and sometimes day to day).

1. Disrupt Your Story Amid Surging Demand

This need to exude disruption is recognized in lists such as the 2020 CNBC Disruptor 50 list, which is particularly interested in companies that not only disrupt, but who also can tell "positive stories of surging demand, new product launches and product pivots…" according to David Spiegel in How We Chose the 2020 CNBC Disruptor 50 List of Revolutionary Start-Ups.

CNBC intentionally sought out companies who "are on the frontlines of transforming industries that have had no choice but to change in the face of the outbreak and its aftermath," continues Spiegel.

These companies' stories are now being lauded across a variety of year-long venues, including a CNBC roadshow, summit and through announcements on individual companies' websites. So, by exuding a story worthy of nomination, they were able to get their story told exponentially.

2. Disrupt Your Story in the Foothills

While some organizations were able to quickly adapt with strategic initiatives already well underway before the pandemic struck, other companies, such as some in the retail industry are still "in the foothills of what omnichannel-driven convenience will look like," according to McKinsey Senior Partner, Becca Coggins.

If the foothills describe your current situation, and your company has not fully metamorphosed into its new form, consider the evolving stories you can share as your enterprise steers its new course. By showcasing your innovation, agility and/or digital initiative, you can take command, articulating illustrative next steps through various digital channels and, when possible, in-person channels.

One such retailer doing this well is Two Bostons, a raw dog and cat food supply store in downtown Naperville, IL, who reacted and adapted on the fly, according to an article on how businesses evolved amid the pandemic. The company, which was known for their experiences and community events, swiftly developed digital events, including Sunday game nights; they also augmented their online store and curbside pickup.

A quick look at their website illustrates a story of adapting to customer needs in these current times; but the core mission to "improve the lives of pets and their people," appears to be reliably unchanged. Again, they've evolved their story, while maintaining the finer threads of consistency in their fabric.

3. Disrupt Your Story at the Leadership Helm

With leadership at the helm taking the wheel during this transformative time, it is only natural that a CEO's storied impacts will either shine or be lost in a sea of sameness. By focusing on the praiseworthy aspects of your CEO's leadership, since the onset of COVID-19 and beyond, you can build a story that you extend through platforms like your Employer Profile on Glassdoor.

Showcasing the CEO's vision and mission through video and content in the About section, for example, will further your storied reach. A robust profile invites employee reviews that underscore the authentic culture within.

As reviews begin to accumulate, the brilliant threads of a company's story begin to pop. When that happens, potential candidates begin to take note, and their interest in interviewing for newly opened roles is piqued. Moreover, opportunities for the company's story to exude through Best Places to Work mount and articles lauding the highest-rated CEOs give your story the recognition it deserves.

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