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How to Encourage Employees to Recruit a Friend


When looking to recruit top level talent, what better outlet to use than the connections of the current employees that make up your infrastructure in the first place? Often, successful individuals have connections that expand beyond the individuals they currently work with. Employee referrals can generate strong candidates for organizations struggling to fill their pipeline with top level talent.

But, what happens when asking for employee referrals doesn’t generate results?

Communication is Key

Make sure employees within your current workforce know that employee referrals are encouraged and – in some cases– preferred. Companywide meetings to reinforce the need for more rockstar talent (like those in the org) can help send the appropriate message, while continuing to highlight how valuable the current staff is to the company.


Many organizations offer spiff programs or cash rewards to employees after an employee referral is hired. What’s more, this will help create a habit of current employees ensuring they only pass through high caliber candidates that could ultimately turn into hires, and generate cash spiffs for themselves down the road.

Have a Contest

One company I worked for years ago was struggling to hire top level sales talent. In combination with products like Glassdoor’s recruitment tool, the company urged all current employees to contact as many of their friends, professional connections and contacts as they could within a two-day period. The employee that sent in the most resumes from referrals won. The prize? An iPod touch. The benefit? The company had a multitude of candidates to sift through, for the price of one iPod. That will beat a $30,000 cost-per-hire from an outsource recruiter any day.

Curious about how other companies have used Glassdoor Talent Solutions to make great hires? Check out Glassdoor.com/employers and find out how Enterprise Rent-a-Car filled 846 management positions and Guidewire recruited international engineering talent.

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