How to Attract Candidates for Jobs

Many companies assume posting jobs for free on their career sites and maybe a few job boards will get the attention of potential candidates. However, if candidates aren’t aware of a company, the chances of them visiting a company’s career site on their own accord are slim.

So what does it take to get on the radar of today’s job seekers, especially when they might not have your company top of mind?

Attracting Candidates for Jobs

A Glassdoor site survey found that 96% of today’s candidates read reviews before accepting a job offer and 95% are influenced by reviews and ratings from those inside the company. When job seekers don’t have access to information about a company’s culture directly from the inside sources, as many as 51% can end up with buyer’s remorse, having an inaccurate picture of the job, according to a 2012 Global Selection Forecast by J Boatman and S Erker.

Because job seekers have done their research on Glassdoor, they are more likely to self-select out of companies that are not a fit, resulting in better applicant quality and retention, once hired.  After advertising its jobs on Glassdoor, Intuit improved its app-to-hire efficiency rate by 75% and 1800Contacts saw 5x better applicant quality as measured by its app-to-screen ratios.

A recent Software Advice report reveals 48% of job seekers today use Glassdoor at some point in their job search. So how can employers get involved?

Sign up for a Free Employer Account to get unlimited access to what employees are saying about your company, respond publicly to reviews, make basic edits to your profile, and access company-specific analytics helping you monitor your company’s brand awareness and reputation compared to your talent competitors.

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