Working with Recruiting Agencies? What you Need to Know

For Employers, finding top talent can be challenging. Utilizing resources like Glassdoor to recruit the best candidates for your open positions is essential to the process. But, for an Employer that wants to be as aggressive as it can in the recruiting process, leaning on the support and assistance of a Recruitment Agency can also be key in finding the right candidates.

What You Need to Know

Recruitment Agencies are a way for companies that are either struggling to find top talent – or don’t have the time to do so – find the best job seekers for their open positions. These firms help organizations find the right talent when other, more traditional resources, aren’t available or performing.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Help Employers?

Recruiting Agencies help Employers do a lot of the legwork for an organization. First and foremost, recruiting agencies often don’t make money if they don’t place strong candidates in front of organizations that hire them. That being said, these firms become advocates for Employers to only bring forth the best candidates for their positions.

How? Recruiting Agencies will work with Employers to discover what open positions are the highest priority, or hardest to fill, and utilize their candidate pool to put only the right people for those opportunities in front of you.

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The first place a recruiter will start is by reviewing job seeker resumes and suggesting improvements to help cater to whatever jobs Employers need filled. As experts who look through and scan resumes all day, Employers and job seekers can benefit from a recruiter picking apart resumes and only surfacing the right people.

In addition, recruiting agencies have an inherit interest in putting candidates in front of Employers that they know will be a perfect match.

Food for Thought

As highlighted above, recruiting agencies can help put the right job seekers in the right positions for an organization. However, Employers should be aware of that fact that – with another layer in the recruiting process – the hiring cycle could be delayed a bit longer than normal, and there’s often a fee (perhaps 25% of the candidates first year salary, or a flat fee) associated with this service.

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