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How to Hire Inventory Managers

Inventory managers are responsible for ordering and purchasing products and materials for businesses of all sizes, while also managing warehouses or similar facilities.

From monitoring suppliers to ordering products, your inventory managers are essential for ensuring you have enough product to meet customer demand.

This post will show you:

  • How to define inventory manager responsibilities and duties.
  • How to write job descriptions for inventory managers.

Inventory Manager Duties and Responsibilities

If you are hiring an inventory manager for the first time, you may have fundamental questions, like "What is an inventory manager?" and "What does an inventory manager do?"

The responsibilities of your inventory managers will be determined by the kinds of products you sell in your store, and the size of the warehouse or similar facility.

For instance, the duties of an inventory manager will be more focused on daily monitoring and evaluation of the warehouse. The duties of an inventory manager will include leading a team of warehouse workers to receive and record new stock, pick and pack, monitor stock levels, creating work schedules and hiring warehouse employees.

When you're hiring an inventory manager, consider the experience they've had in similar industries to yours, as well as the size of the facilities that they managed.

Answering these questions will help you define all the duties of your next store clerk hire and help you write your job description for inventory managers.

  • How many different products/materials need to be managed?
  • How large is your warehouse or shipping facility?
  • How many employees will they be managing?
  • What type of experience do they have with regards to managing suppliers?
  • How often will inventory managers need to replenish materials/purchase new inventory, etc?
  • What other specialized tasks will your inventory managers need to complete?

Now that you've answered the question "what do inventory managers do", you can write a job description that gets lots of interest from qualified candidates and gets you a great hire.

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Inventory Manager Job Description

Your inventory manager job description should explain the duties of an inventory manager and the inventory management skills required for the job, but it should also explain why candidates should choose your job over a similar role.

When explaining inventory manager duties for your business, you should devote more of your job description to the tasks and requirements that make working for your business different from working at others.

Once you have covered required skills, your inventory manager job description should demonstrate your value as an employer to candidates. Your job description will accomplish this by giving candidates insight into how you stand out from competitors in terms of benefits, pay and perks. You should also explain your company's philosophy, as well as any products you carry that make you a specialized store.

Example Inventory Manager Job Description

We're looking for an Inventory Manager to monitor and track our company's inventory. [Insert Sentence About Your Company and products]. [Insert sentence about your company culture].

You will play a key role in helping our company attain its goals, and ensure our products end up in the hands of our customers.

To be successful in this role, you'll need to have experience managing a warehouse with X # of employees, and have a track record of reliable record-keeping and inventory management.


  • Create inventory control procedures
  • Regularly inspect inventory to identify shortages and opportunities to optimize processes
  • Ensure optimum levels of product stock to meet distribution and channel demand
  • Manage daily deliveries, picking and packing and stock replenishment
  • Familiarity with [insert inventory software] to monitor demand and performance
  • Experience working with, choosing and evaluating different suppliers to achieve the best cost
  • Manage warehouse employees and collaborate with other business units to ensure customers receive products


  • [Insert years] as an inventory manager or similar position
  • Strong skills in data analysis and forecasting
  • Experience with various inventory management software
  • Proven track record of communicating and collaborating with different business units and internal stakeholders
  • BSc/BA in [insert relative field]
  • Insert other relevant qualifications
  • Insert other software qualifications

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