How to Hire Millennials: What You Missed at Glassdoor’s Executive Event

San Francisco’s Four Seasons Hotel opened its doors recently to welcome the top talent acquisition leaders and HR employers in the bay area. Companies like Gap, Box, and Kaiser Permanente came to the Glassdoor hosted breakfast seminar for free bacon and engaging conversation about the best practices to recruit millennialsHere’s a recap of the insights you missed at the seminar titled: How to Hire Millennials: Attracting Talent with Transparency

Insight #1 Millennial job seekers are mobile

Steve Roop, SVP & General Manager at Glassdoor, kicked off the event by sharing the company’s mission- to help people everywhere find jobs and companies they love. Steve conveyed the rapid growth of the millennial segment and the importance their actions have on recruiting today. 30% of millennials use a mobile device daily to search for jobs. And more than 25% of Glassdoor traffic comes from job seekers on their mobile devices. It’s crucial to promote your brand where millennial candidates are looking and to be able to effectively reach out on every channel.

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Insight #2 Re-think your recruitment branding strategy

Melissa Garcia, recruitment marketing consultant at Kaiser Permanente, spoke about how Kaiser attracts millennial candidates. Melissa stressed the importance of having an employee value proposition and a recruitment brand. Kaiser’s employee value proposition and recruitment brand speak directly to its employees and fosters a culture of personal goals, ideals, pride and empowerment. When it comes to attracting millennials, Kaiser got to know its target audience by developing an internal communication and socialization strategy. It highlighted university connections pages and had on and off-campus university events. The company also reached out on mobile and social to further the relationship marketing strategy across all channels.

Insight #3 Communication and understanding is key

Alison Covarrubias, Sales Recruitment Manager at Box, was able to speak from personal experience about the importance of hiring millennials as nearly half of her company is made up of this generation. She discussed millennial stereotypes in the workplace and best ways to communicate with this generation. Positive feedback, empathy, and reaching out on multiple channels were all recommended to create a happy millennial environment. Millennials are estimated to make up nearly 70% of the workforce by 2050 and yet, many employers aren’t aware of their value or the need to target job openings to them. 84% of Box’s traffic is from millennials and its targeted employer branding works.

Insight #4 Millennials care about reviews. You should too.

Alison Hadden, director of product marketing at Glassdoor, wrapped up the event with a demo of the Glassdoor Talent Solutions revealing how advertising jobs and promoting your employer brand where job seekers are making decisions can help you refine your onboarding process and increase the number of quality candidates. She also shared that any one can get a Free Employer Account to access analytics and develop a killer recruitment strategy.

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