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How to Post a Job

Posting a job description online is one of the best ways to get a high volume of applicants to your open jobs, but that’s only if your job advertisement is posted in the right way.

If your job description isn’t posted where great people for your job can see it, then your job ad will not bring you the number or quality of applicants that you want.

You want your job description to be seen by people who are great for the job, and this result is absolutely obtainable by any company that follows the guidelines we’ve created.

How to Post a Job will show you:

  1. Where to Post Jobs
  2. Best Free Job Posting Sites for Employers
  3. How to Advertise Job Openings
  4. How Long do you Have to Post a Job
  5. Job Posting on Social Media 101
  6. Job Posting Template
  7. Job Posting Checklist


Where to Post Jobs

To find where to place job ads most effectively, you should evaluate your open job and determine the characteristics that will make certain job boards a better bet.

Deciding where to post IT jobs, for instance, is different than deciding where to post a clerical job, and where you advertise a job online should always be a strategic choice.

In general, it is always best to post your jobs to a variety of online platforms that are likely to be used by your ideal person for the job.

Where to post jobs based on their requirements

The requirements of a job will always determine the best places to post that job. Here are the top factors to consider

Specialty- how specialized is the role and what niche job sites will reach qualified candidates?

Seniority- What level of experience is required and how will this change their online behavior? Executives, for instance, are not known to browse Craigslist regularly.

Where to post job openings

Here’s where you should be posting jobs:

Glassdoor- Candidates from glassdoor are 2X more likely to be hired because they are a good fit, and you can post up to 10 jobs free for 7 days!

Job Boards- Job boards are used by millions of people each day, who are actively looking for work or looking for interesting job opportunities.

Social Media Platforms- Social media platforms give you the opportunity to reach millions of engaged users on a variety of platforms who are already fans of your brand.

Your Careers Page- You should always post your job openings to your career page, so people who come across your company through a social platform or blog post can come across your job ad naturally and think it’s fate that they should apply.

How much does it cost to post a job?

Posting a job can be free, or it can be one of the main expenses of your job advertising campaign. The cost of your posting your job will depend on:

1. How many paid job sites you use and their model (pay-per click vs flat subscription).

2. How long it takes you to attract enough qualified applicants to hold interviews.

3. How long it takes you to interview and hire the right person for the job.

Best Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

They say the best things in life are free, and this holds true with our collection of the best free job posting sites for employers.

Paid sites will always claim that the only way to be on the best job posting websites is to pay, but the best place to advertise jobs is not the most expensive place, it’s where you’re most likely to reach a great person to hire.

Here are free job advertising sites that you can use to find a great hire for your next open job:


Glassdoor lets you post up to 10 jobs free for 7 days, which is plenty of time to meet some of our 50M monthly job seeking users.

People love browsing our online reviews when they’re looking for a new job, and glassdoor candidates are 2x more likely to be hired because they're the right fit. It’s because our company profile pages, reviews and salary data make it easy for candidates to see a good fit in a job.


Indeed is a job board aggregator that lets employers post job ads for free. A lot of companies post here, and, to stay relevant, users often pay to keep their ad relevant in search results.

Craigslist is one of the oldest free job posting sites, but is still a great candidate source.


Angellist is a free job posting site that focuses on tech and startup positions.


A popular job board with a free job posting tier and a paid job posting tier.


You need to apply to this free job board, but it can be a great candidate source if accepted.


Upwork lets you post jobs for free and is geared toward freelancers, making it perfect for employers who need to support their team with freelance talent.

How to Advertise Job Openings

Finding a job that’s a great fit for you should be engaging and even fun, and that’s the effect that you want your job advertising to have on the right person for the job.

Achieving this effect will come down to knowing your audience and getting them excited about the parts of your job that they will find most engaging.

Getting people to apply will also depend on advertising, deciding how to post a job for veterans, for instance, being different than deciding how to post a job for international candidates.

Who is your audience?

What kind of person will be skilled enough for the job and a good aspirational/personality fit with the job? What separates them from the kind of candidate you don’t want?

What’s in it for them?

You’re offering a salary and benefits, but what are the other selling points of your open job? Why would the right person enjoy doing this job?

How are you showing them?

You’re describing the best parts of the job in your job description, but how else can you show them that you’re offering a great employment package? By having detailed information and great pictures on your company’s Glassdoor profile, on your social media profiles and on your website, you give candidates info and impressions to help them decide your job is a winner.

How long do you have?

You’re making a hire because work needs to get done, and if you need to make a hire before an impending deadline, you need to account for this timeline and stay on it.


How Long Do You Have to Post a Job?

Employers are interested in posting jobs for as little time as possible and always want to know how to advertise job openings to find hires fast.

While it’s possible to have the person you hire apply the day you post your job ad, few companies are this lucky.

Depending on where you operate, you may have to run your job ads for longer and in more places than companies operating in or near large cities. You may also have to put relocation on the table if advertising in your area does not reach any qualified applicants.

Job Posting on Social Media 101

Social media can be a huge asset for the attention that your job ad gets, but only if you’re using social media platforms in the correct way for them to perform optimally as candidate sources.

How to post a job on social media

In general, the more social media platforms your company can build a presence on, the better your results will be for getting the interest of qualified candidates with these tools.

● Try to balance the fun tone that people engage with on social media, with the professionalism that you want from people who apply to your company.

● Always play to the strengths of the platform you’re posting on. For instance, brevity is king on Twitter, so keep it short, sweet and equipped with relevant hashtags.

● Always include a link to your job description or careers page in your post (CTA).

How to Post a Job in Google Groups

Google groups lets you post jobs for free, and allows you to reach a wide range of professionals online. Here’s how you post a job in google groups:

1. Sign in to Google Groups.

2. Click My Groups.

3. Choose a group.

4. At the top, click New topic.

5. Enter your message.

6. Click Post.

How to post a job in LinkedIn discussions

Only post jobs in Linkedin group discussions that are relevant to the job you’re posting.

How to post a job on LinkedIn company page

Here’s how to post a job on your LinkedIn company page, there are many

1. Click the Work icon in the top right of your LinkedIn homepage and select Post a job from the menu that appears.

2. Click Post a job.

3. Fill in the fields

4. Click Continue.

5. On the job posting page, select up to three job functions and company industries.

6. The employment type and seniority level are auto-populated based on the job title you provide. Click on the dropdown if you want to choose a more accurate option.

7. Enter a Job description (required) in the text box.

8. Select how you would like people to apply:

9. Set your daily budget and click Continue. Learn more about pay per click pricing for job postings.

10. Once you confirm your order information is correct, fill in your credit card details toward the bottom of the page.

11. Click Review order

12. Click Post job.

13. You can then complete the additional fields to enhance your job posti


How to post a job on a Facebook page

Here’s how you post a job to your business’s facebook profile

1. Log in to your Facebook business page and click the Jobs on Facebook Feature.

2. Add details about the job opening

3. Review and publish your job post.

Job Posting Template

You can use this job posting template to organize the information that you post into the different fields of job ads templates on job board websites. You can also use our free job posting tool.

Job Title

(The most widely accepted job title for the position, i.e. Inbound Marketing Manager)

Job Summary

(A big picture summary of the job, its purpose and its impact):


(A list of the major responsibilities that a hire will be taking on):


(A list of the specific skill/experience requirements that will qualify candidates for the job):

Company summary

(A small section where you give readers some great employer brand info about your company):

Local Job Postings vs Job Boards

Local job postings don’t have the same reach as job boards, but they do allow you to target people in your area who are interested in working locally. That being said, you should not rely on local job postings alone to find your next hire.

To improve the outreach of your job ad campaign, you should post your job description to both local job posting sites and major job boards.


Job Posting Checklist

There can be a lot of details to manage when posting a job, so here’s a job posting checklist so you can be sure that your job ad is being posted in the right way.

Always be sure you’re checking these boxes as you post a job ad:

● You have updated your company’s online profiles with content that will appeal to your ideal candidate, so that people who see your job ad can make a connection with your company if they are right for the job.

● You have selected the job boards you’re posting to based on the demands of the job and based any performance data you have for candidate sources for this specific job.

● You have prepared social media posts for each of your company's online profiles, each tailored to the audience and post style of the platform.

● You are getting your job ad out to the greatest number of candidate sources as possible, including free job sites, paid job sites and your social media platforms.

Job Ad Checklist

Always make sure that your job ad is following these guidelines before you post:

● The job title you’re using for your job ad is the most widely accepted title for that job.

● You have an awesome job description that perfectly matches the demands of the job, describes the job opportunity in a compelling way, and that is totally typo-free.

● You have described your company’s work environment, mission, culture and other employee brand details in a positive way that is true to life.

● You have summarized the job’s responsibilities in an engaging, high-level way that will engage top candidates.

● Your list of candidate requirements is complete, free from too many “nice to haves,” and as reader-friendly as possible.

Additional Resources

There are a lot of details to manage when posting a job, and if you want to learn more about how to post a job in the best way, how much it costs to post a job, or anything else related to posting jobs, these blog articles we wrote should be able to help.

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