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How to Recruit on Glassdoor

In the last three years, employer career sites have declined by 11% as the most valuable research channel when job searching. (1) And, while employer career sites may be losing steam, Glassdoor’s online career community has skyrocketed, nearly doubling (4), with 64M+ monthly unique users (2) and +76 percent sponsored apply starts (3).

The reason for this is multifold, not the least of which is the deepening well of companies showcasing their brand value on Glassdoor. This is a draw to proactive candidates who prefer to steer their own career versus being in the passenger’s seat.

Candidates can view employers’ stories, from the employer profile to the visual images through to the poignant reviews articulated by current and past employees and more. This increases the likelihood candidates who then come to the recruiter door informed and aligned with culture, equipping more viable interviews.

Telling Your Company’s Story on Glassdoor

Candidates increasingly are self-empowered, enabling their job search through mobile, AI and other best-of-breed tech tools. They simmer in meaty social conversations around the best places to work and overall, aspire to the optimal work-life balance that allows for freedom, flexibility, opportunities to advance and social good. The most ambitious candidates are in high-demand and have done their due diligence to ensure your company fulfills these requirements before every applying.

This is why your employer story is integral to commanding not only their attention but also to sustaining their interest. Job seekers are 2x more likely to apply when a job includes employer branded content. (5) Magnetize them to your jobs door via a thoroughly and colorfully fleshed out Employer Profile.

Free and intuitive to set up, a Glassdoor Profile is the living, breathing platform on which to display your employer value proposition, including regularly refreshed, storied photos and status reports of your most proud and employee-focused initiatives and benefits. Showing, versus just telling what you do and how you do it is an artful--and in today’s digitally connected world, expected--communications method.

Moreover, request reviews from your employees, and when they publish, respond swiftly, and with aplomb. Address specific concerns with a professional, proactive tone and amplify positive sentiments.

Benchmarking Against Competitors

Measure your hiring metrics and candidate feedback against other companies and competitors. Are your competitor candidates’ overall experiences positive or negative? What source led to the interview? Employee referral? Applied online? How long does the interview and hiring process take, what types of questions are asked and what is the tone of salary negotiations?

This competitive intelligence is free by clicking on the ‘Interviews’ tab on Glassdoor’s employer profiles, and then searching for a specific company.

Unearth other employers’ reputations. Glassdoor’s metrics cover CEO approval ratings, employees’ perspectives on the business outlook and whether or not employees would recommend this company to a friend.

Moreover, as you recruit on Glassdoor, you can take a look at the demographics of the people visiting your page, and compare them to the visitors of your competitors for free. Use this data to identify your target audience and adjust.

Sponsoring Branded Jobs to Drive Visibility + Applicants

Capitalize on the interest you’ve spawned by careerists and job seekers alike through your high-performing profile and engaging reviews. Tap into the resources available to expand the visibility of your reputation and message through Glassdoor’s multifaceted job promotion products.

Leverage Our Google Juice. Glassdoor’s partnership with Google enhances our 64M+ audience reach with the potential additional exposure in Google’s job search results.

Boost Visibility with Job Ads. The No. 1 reason people visit Glassdoor is to seek out jobs; so why not optimize your message by investing in a sponsored job that gets 13x more clicks and 11x more apply starts than a non-sponsored job? This includes A) Sponsored Job; B) Badges; C: Salary Estimates; D) Easy Apply; and E) Branded Content

Candidates will see your sponsored job, along with your branded content, in several places: in the job search, in the job tab of your profile, on competitor profile pages, on mobile and in email alerts (on partner sites such as CNN Money and Fortune).

Spotlight Your Company, Jobs and/or Brand through various unique brand advertising options that allow you customizable targeting capabilities.

Tell Your Full Story with an Enhanced Profile. While the Free Employer Profile is a foundational must-have, extending that story with a cover photo and video will further bring your brand and culture to life. Additionally, with the Glassdoor enhanced profile, you may add links to social networking feeds such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and a Why Work for Us section, where you can highlight specific teams, projects and HR initiatives such as diversity and inclusion programs.

Recruiting on Glassdoor is a multidimensional initiative made easier by the compounding nature of the value: more candidates signing up every day as you provide more value through consistent, daily updates and conversations. This leads to higher-value responses to your job ads at a lower cost-per-hire than traditional job boards. Moreover, Glassdoor integrates with your hiring software of choice, simplifying candidate tracking and communication throughout the hiring lifecycle.


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