How to Use Glassdoor Analytics & Branding Tools|How to Use Glassdoor Analytics & Branding Tools

How to Use Glassdoor Analytics & Branding Tools

Are you using Glassdoor analytics to improve branding and recruiting efforts? If not, now is the time to start, especially now that we are debuting a newly designed Employer Center with plenty of tabs to help you drill down to the metrics that matter most.

With this new design, employers can now find company-specific analytics alongside best practice eBooks, guides and webinars in one place. By signing up for a Free Employer Account, employers take the first step in unlocking their company's employer brand and recruiting insights, while Glassdoor clients have complete access to their Employer Center. So, what do you need to know to get started?


Manage your employer brand

Start by taking a look at your Employer Profile on Glassdoor. This is what candidates see when researching you today:


Glassdoor has 50M members. A survey of Glassdoor site visitors found that 86% of members are either actively looking or are open to new opportunities and 94% are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its brand, meaning candidates want to hear from you in this arena.

Until you input your own messaging, those candidates don't know your story. They can only read what others have shared in your company reviews. Share your brand and tell your story by signing up for a Free Employer Account and visiting your Employer Branding page in the Employer Center. Using the Basic Info section, you can update company information, add awards, photos and your company logo.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.52.11 PM

Beyond the free offerings, Glassdoor clients can also use the Employer Branding tab to:

  • Add Employer Branding Messages throughout the page
  • Promote Recruiting Video
  • Target Competitor Profiles with Your Brand

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Analyze your candidate's behavior

The next step is to understand how candidates are interacting with a company's jobs. The Candidate Activity report in Jobs and Recruiting tab allows anyone with a Free Employer Account to see candidates job click activity in real time, highlighting which job titles and locations are most active. Because competitors can post jobs on a Free Employer Account, this report provides insight into which competitors are recruiting candidates from an employers free profile.

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Glassdoor clients can take further steps to:

  • Report the clicks, impressions and cost per application of a campaign
  • Monitor budget spend throughout each month
  • Track job performance by title and day

Measure your employer brand awareness

Using the Analytics tab, any employer can access the Employer Activity and Candidate Demographics section to understand how many candidates are actively researching them each month and who those candidates are.

Candidate Demographics gives a breakdown of the education, years experience and gender of your candidate pool.

Benchmark against your competitors

Employers have the ability to compare their traffic to talent competitors and understand how their brand awareness stacks up. If any of these competitors are not Glassdoor clients, our clients have the opportunity to advertise their brand and open jobs on a competitor's profile.

The "Competitor Comparison" tab takes competitive intel to the next level. Clients can benchmark their organization against key competitors across categories like Benefits Packages, Company Culture and Senior Leadership, equipping our partners with tools to best position themselves against their talent competitors.

Glassdoor clients have access to the "Competitor Comparison" tab.

Beyond the above analytics, Glassdoor clients get access to even more, with the ability to:

  • Analyze employee sentiment by department
  • Compare health of company culture by office location
  • Benchmark against competitor employee and interviewee ratings

With all of this rich data now available in one place, employers can use Glassdoor's Employer Center manage, measure and educate their organization's employer brand and recruiting strategy.