How Walmart eCommerce Recruits Millennials
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How Walmart eCommerce Recruits Millennials

To keep your business healthy and thriving, it’s essential to recruit top talent from the next generation. Yet attracting and hiring Millennials and Gen Z-ers can be a real challenge since they have wildly different career aspirations than generations before.

Career fairs, company swag, and presentations are just as important as ever, but if you really want to stand out from all the other organizations vying for young talent, you need to think up creative ways to grab their attention.

Recently, we caught up with a company doing just that – Walmart eCommerce – to learn more about how they’re attracting new grads with an innovative take on the traditional career fair: a cross-country, experiential VR tour.

Get the full details below in our interview with Evan Woods, Head of Digital Marketing & Planning for Walmart eCommerce.

Glassdoor: What’s this campaign about on a high level?
Evan Woods: We’re excited about the Change The Way The World Shops Tour – a campus-based experiential tour where students across the U.S. can experience the future of eCommerce in person. On our tour bus, we’ve designed multiple interactive exhibits that showcase our technology and company culture, allowing students to engage with the Walmart eCommerce family of brands (i.e., Moosejaw,, ModCloth) in a totally immersive way. Our goal is for students to understand what makes us different and the immediate impact they can have in changing the way the world shops.

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Glassdoor: What sort of activities do you plan on having, and how do they tie back to the roles you’ll be hiring for?
Evan Woods:
We’ve designed a wide variety of exhibits, transporting our offices straight to campus – VR-based office tours and shopping experiences, multiple touchscreens to explore our company history and teams, and role-specific challenges where students can solve real problems our employees encounter every day. For example, students interested in engineering can participate in Hack the Box, an online platform designed to test hacking abilities and learn about machine hacking and its implications on cyber security. When students are interested in a role, they can text to learn more about open positions and explore teams that match their interests.

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Glassdoor: How does Walmart eCommerce stand out from other employers?

Evan Woods: In a word: impact. As part of the Walmart family of brands, students will be able to access the resources and scale of a Fortune 1 company, while leveraging the innovative technology and nimble environment of an early-stage startup. At Walmart eCommerce, students now have the ultimate power to design a successful career that is truly their own.

Walmart eCommerce is also unique in its strong commitment to Talent Experience. Our Talent Experience team focuses specifically on the candidate and employee experiences in order to attract and retain the best talent. We create an environment where candidates can bring their whole selves to work starting at the interview, and support our employees at every step of their journey in creative and engaging ways. Whether interviewing candidates on a ferris wheel or introducing our brand to students on an RV tour, we aim to engage with candidates in ways they’ve never experienced.

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