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How Your Employer Brand Infuses Job Descriptions

According to Wikipedia, "Employer brand describes an employer's reputation as a place to work, and their employee value proposition, as opposed to the more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers."

While employer brand is exuded throughout a company's virtual and/or brick and mortar corridors, another crucial location upon which the employer brand story should reside is within job descriptions.

"Employer branding is important on job descriptions because they are the pages where your primary call-to-action is to 'apply', according to the ONGIG article, Employer Branding Strategies for Job Descriptions. "You want to give candidates as much info as possible to make the decision of whether to apply or not."

"Look at your job postings as a one-stop shop, where candidates don't have to leave your pages in search of extra information," adds ONGIG.

1. Engages the Reader With Lively, Fun Narrative

For example, dissecting Microsoft's job description for Instructional Designer, the employer brand-laden language appears to reside in the About You and About the Opportunity sections. Both are written in more narrative and engaging language that would appeal to and energize the prospective employee.

The About You exudes brand traits related to Microsoft's culture of helpfulness, innovation, fun and humility, among other attributes. Here are snippets, with keywords highlighted for emphasis. The captivating description is authored as if speaking directly to the potential candidate, pumping them up for the role.

You love to help others learn, in-person or online.

In addition to the superpowers you use to teach and help others, you have the project management chops to organize the projects

… and you thrive on creating training solutions that actually help people learn the things they need to know.

You love it when the tech in your world makes things magical and fun.

Whether you have a technical background or not, you're driven to make technology simpler and friendlier. You're a genuinely kind person with humility and integrity.

Emphasis on fun amid the hard work is a strategy to create higher-performing cultures, as, "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing," according to Dale Carnegie.

Woven within the exhilarating words of magical fun, etc. the About You also sets the stage for the sweat equity and motivation required of the top candidate. References to "project management chops" and "driven to make technology simpler and friendlier" are queues that the role requires a roll-up your sleeves initiative to compel forward projects that cut through the complexity of tech to ensure a plain-spoken outcome.

This blend of play and rigor makes sense for a tech company whose reputation for jockeying for the top spot in a hypercompetitive, continually disrupted environment is well known. It also seems to be appealing to a work-life-blend audience seeking an employer brand that exudes both purpose and joy.

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2. Aligns With the Company's Mission

Moving forward to the About the Opportunity section of the Microsoft job summary, several important snippets follow, all of which are rich in achievements-focused, transformative and experiential initiatives within a world-class environment, while also tying directly to the company's mission to empower people to achieve their goals, as published across other platforms.

We believe that great content makes it easy for customers to learn and adopt our technology, transform their businesses, and achieve their goals.

We're seeking passionate instructional designer/content developers to create engaging content for Microsoft 365 products including Microsoft Teams and Office.

You'll work with world-class designers, content creators, and engineering teams to create world-class training content - in text, video, exercises, and hands-on labs.

Your work will help people in businesses, governments, and schools meet challenges like remote work and cyber-security threats, digitally transform their work, and achieve more.

You'll also use data to understand how to improve experiences and content to help learners have the magical experiences they expect. You'll gain perspective into the future and a chance to shape how that future impacts millions of people around the globe.

Microsoft's seamlessness in aligning their position description with their own About page underscores the value they place on employer branding as they articulate their mission for empowering people to achieve. This aligns well with the Microsoft CEO's LinkedIn profile where he describes his mission as "empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more."

Moreover, the job description sentiments around shaping how the future impacts millions of people mirror the Microsoft Overview that describes a "drive to change the world."

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Bottom Line: Consistency in Content + Tone Matters

Ensuring job descriptions are woven with threads consistent to those within a company's digitally branded fabric: corporate website, Glassdoor Employer Profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., will attract candidates aligned with a company's reputational goals.

By shaping engaging, trusted stories that align with your mission and brand, you can influence top talent to apply and interview for open jobs while increasing the odds of a sustainable brand.

For companies who are unclear as to the attributes of their employer brand, consider undergoing a process to understand current employee sentiments and workplace culture vibes. You can do this by tapping into employee engagement surveys as well as insights gleaned from Glassdoor reviews and ratings within the Glassdoor Employer Center.

And if you're ready for your employer brand story to turn ideal candidates into hires, contact sales today.