How to Recruit Me: Sales Manager

Sales is one of the top 5 most searched categories on Glassdoor. Top sales talent is out there! But how do you get the best sales candidates to notice you? Here are 5 ways to attract top sales talent to your company:


  • Career Growth One of the top 5 reasons sales professionals said they would leave their job was for a career growth opportunity. If you can show me how I can grow and make a major impact on your company, that’s a huge selling point. In an interview, I’d like to hear how the hiring manager progressed in their career and grew with the company. Real anecdotes of people that have made an impact on the sales department and on the company as a whole will be the best way you can show me that there is potential for me at your company.
  • What am I Selling I want to know that I can succeed at your organization. For me, this is dependant upon if I believe in the product. If I can’t get excited about what you’re selling, then I can’t get anyone else excited about what you’re selling. A product I’m aligned with and find compelling is something that I would consider making a career switch for. I understand that employers can’t change their product, but when sourcing passive candidates, try to reach out to people that you think align with your product. Every salesperson is different and will be drawn to different products, you just need to find the right fit when recruiting.
  • Culture If I’m going to spend 40 hours out of my week at work, I want to build solid relationships and enjoy the time I do spend working for you. The culture within your office is extremely important, but be sure that your in-office culture also extends to traveling and remote salespeople as well. Being in sales often requires a large amount of travel, or will result in working from home or a small regional office. Just because we’re not physically there, doesn’t mean we don’t want to feel like we’re a part of something. If I will be traveling a significant amount, show me how I’ll stay connected to the rest of the office and who I’ll be included in the culture.
  • Salary I’m not going to sweep it under the table, I’m driven by money. A larger salary isn’t the only thing that would attract me to a new company but it is important. Be sure that what you’re paying your salespeople is competitive for the industry you’re in. Also be upfront about salary and compensation. I would like to know all the details during the interview process, don’t wait until the offer stage.
  • Benefits I just want to make sure the benefits I receive working for you are competitive for my industry. Also, different people will consider different benefits more important. If I was offered 401k matching at my last company and the employer recruiting me doesn’t, that’s definitely going to factor into my decision to make a switch.

This should give you a glimpse into the brain of a sales candidate. Now you can go out there with this intel and get top sales talent working for your company!
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