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HR Manager Job Description

HR Manager Job Description

Writing any job description can be a daunting task. But if you want to attract the right candidates, it's critical to get your HR Manager job description exactly right. There are 64,073 HR Manager positions open across the U.S.

Once you've collected the list of skills required, you must think strategically about how to convey them to your best-fit candidates. It is essential to communicate the nuances of the job, set realistic expectations and channel your company's unique mission and culture.

Here at Glassdoor, we spend a lot of time analyzing what constitutes a great job description - and we have the full complement of best practices to show for it. Below you'll find an example of an HR manager job description template. 

HR Manager Job Description Template:


We are looking for an HR Manager to help lead efforts in growing our teams. You will play a meaningful role in
finding and hiring the people who align with our company goals and culture. You will have the opportunity to
define and drive the strategic direction of our hiring teams as the company grows to meet new demands. You
will use your deep experience in full-cycle recruiting to lead, mentor and train a solid and high-performing
employee base.

HR Manager Responsibilities:

  • Manage and lead a collaborative recruiting team that can scale to the dynamic demands of a growing company
  • Define consistent data-driven hiring metrics and goals
  • Act as a key business partner to members of the company to improve the recruiting process
  • Passionately drive results by thinking and acting quickly to ensure the long-term best interest of company objectives
  • Stay connected to the competitive landscape, including trends in tech recruiting and compensation

HR Manager Qualifications

  • A track record with sourcing, recruiting and closing extraordinary talent
  • Strong program management skills
  • Experience designing, assessing, deploying and optimizing talent campaigns and initiatives
  • Experience with defining and presenting recruiting and pipeline metrics and data

We're looking for someone with 5+ years of experience in HR, has a 4-year degree in Business, Human Resources or similar, and is familiar with the following software/tools:

{Insert software and tools that you'd like your HR manager to have experience using here}

With all the time you save writing job descriptions, you can move on to the next key piece: honing your interview process with resources from Glassdoor - from How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview, The 5 Things Successful Companies Do in Interviews and how to conduct better interviews with checklists and interview templates. You can also take some time to leverage feedback from Interview Ratings on your Glassdoor profile to improve candidate experience every step of the way.